Sep 152009

So everybody – the doctors, the technicians – was all making a fuss over me the last time my parents went out of town.  I know, I’m a lovable dog.

I want to go out. I want to totally enjoy life.

I want to go out. I want to totally enjoy life.

I’m also  a whole male dog!  I’m all there, as they say.

So I was having a really nice time, being boarded.  I’d maybe even forgotten about my parents. (That’s between me and the four walls, so they say.)  I found a lot of places I wanted to mark, and I did.  Then suddenly I started getting even more attention than I had before.  Doctors were examining me more than before. Then there were tests.  Not that I minded, but this was a bit unusual.

I really have no idea what it was all about. But attention meant more people to play with and to make my friends.

Then my parents came and picked me up from the boarding.  They aren’t telling me much. I still hear JoeyJoeyJoey when they talk to each other and when they talk at this telephone thing.  I do know, however that they’re saying my name a lot but they’re acting like normal.

Meanwhile, when I go out walking, things seem pretty normal. My sense of smell is really good; I am excited that other dogs have been around!  Some are more interesting to me than others and I follow their scent, when my parents allow me to.  I feel good. I mark a lot, just like usual. This time spent walking, smelling, and marking is one of the highlights of each day!

Today I heard my mom on the phone saying “somethingJoeysomethingJoey” and more.  Something’s up. I just don’t know what.

But I have something more important to concern myself with now: I need to convince my mom to take me out for a walk right now. I’m getting the call.

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