Jul 092009

Today was a really special day.

I have one birthday every year at which time my parents usually give me a special treat such as potatoes or potato chips or something that I love. They also sing me this song; tonight they sang me a song with a really joyous melody that made me really happy. At the end of the song they said “Joey” then “Yay!” and that made me really happy.  Then they sang it again and then once more.  I love my parents. They teach me new words so I feel smart and smarter.  They try to understand me even when we have trouble communicating.  I have friends who let me jump up and kiss them, even when my parents say “Joey, off”.  I have doctors and technicians who are kind who let me kiss them and who really care about me and about dogs.  I have everything!

here's a picture of me on my 10th birthday

here's a picture of me on my 10th birthday. if you look carefully, you can see the full moon and the crescent moon in my eye.


I pose for my birthday photo in a moment of peace the garden


Apr 262009

Do you supplement your dog’s food with Omega 3 oils and glucosamine and chondroiten? Also, have you checked with your veterinarian that the supplements are of veterinary quality?


My breakfast consists of Science Diet dry food. Though I don’t always act my age, according to Science Diet I’m a “mature adult” since I’m over six years old, so I eat the mature adult variety. But now there is a different smell in my breakfast: It is something called “Condroitin with Glucosamine”.

My parents also keep my water bowls filled with fresh water at all times.  Since I came home, I’ve been very thirsty.

For my dinner, I have Science Diet. But there is a unique smell in my food here too: It is something called “Omega 3 Salmon Oil.”

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