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It’s not always so easy to find places to exercise and socialize your dog. Many lakes do not allow dogs to swim off-leash, such as the lake in our town. Many dog parks have restrictions, such as not permitting uncastrated male dogs (such as the situation in our town), and other dog parks allow dogs who do not play well with other dogs to enter the dog park, which endangers the safety of the other dogs. Dog owners need to exercise and socialize their dogs but in a legal, safe and responsible manner. This can present challenges. It means the dog owners must be creative and often travel out of town to exercise and socialize their dog.

My mom has had to get very creative about getting me out of the home.


She wants to get me out of the home for a few reasons. First, I have so much energy it’s ridiculous. If she leaves me indoors for long periods of the day, she’s afraid I’ll do again what I did before.  (See, please, my posts on digging my way under the fence and out of our property, and then getting hit by the car in Chapters 1 and 2.)  Secondly, she wants my muscles to get back to how they were when I was running with my dad.

You may have noticed that you haven’t seen any nice new photos of me swimming. There’s a reason for that. There are no new photos because I haven’t been swimming. I don’t know how to tell my mom I want to go to the lake again.  I can’t just go there by myself, and she hasn’t taken me for two weeks now.

You’ll have to read about that in my book, Dogs Don’t Look Both Ways.

So my mom has had to get creative.

Here’s what we did yesterday: She took me with her and we ended up at a place where she plays some game called golf.  This was a new place for me.  She found a place for me where she could attach my lead; I know she chose a place for me that was out of the sun and also close enough to her that I could see her. I also think part of the idea was for her to keep an eye on me because every once in a while I saw her looking my way. This game involves little balls but since I can’t run after them, I’m not interested in this game.

For a while, being near so many people, I was pretty excited; but when nobody came over to pet me, I just lay down and rested. And cooled down.

Luckily, a lot of people like dogs, and big dogs like me, and after a while people stopped by to pet me and I jumped up again. They said “sit” and “stay”.  They also said “paw”, which is something that my parents don’t like me doing because I get my dad’s nice clean shirts dirty when I do that. So I was happy because I got to do “paw” when my mom wasn’t looking. Or was she? At any rate, I got to do “paw” with some very nice children.  Once I kind of jumped up and my mom saw that (how?) and said, “Joey, off.”  At least I got to do “paw”.

So life continues to hold lots of surprises for me – and also for my mom. I like surprises, at least surprises like this.

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