Hello, friends


My name is Joey and I’m a chocolate Labrador Retriever.


I can barely remember it, but when I began writing my story I was 9.78 years old. That’s a pretty exact age but I know this was correct. To find out how, you’ll have to read my book, Dogs Don’t Look Both Ways.

In my book, I answer many questions that people – adults and children – ask about us dogs. 

I have heard the expression, “Dog is man’s best friend” and I think that man is a dog’s best friend, too. So my website is dedicated to our friendship.

Before my book was published, I had many blog posts but after my book was published my mom came along and wiped out many of the posts and a lot of the story. She wants you to read it in the book. What you see is what she’s allowed to remain.

And please, please comment! Let’s be friends!

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  1. Great blog!



  3. love the pics!

  4. Hi Joey!!!!

    This is such a wonderful idea!

    Hope you’re feeling better!! 🙂

    • Hi! Thanks for your well wishes! I’m also glad that you like my idea of sharing my story with you!

      I am feeling better and better….although I wouldn’t complain if I could just still be a little injured but be allowed to sit out back in the sunshine, just as soon as I finish writing you my response. Maybe when I’m finished writing to you I’ll show my mom my big mournful eyes and imply “Please please please take me outside!” I will be totally content if the response is “Yes”!

      Uh oh…My mom has just noticed that I’ve been licking my paw and bandages again. Gotta go!

  5. Hi Joey……really like the different colored socks you wear on your left hind leg! So far I’ve seen green, red, white and blue! Any other colors? Stripes, polka-dots, paisleys???? Feel Better!

    • Hi, friend!

      My current color is green. See my post, “know thy dog”, which was posted last night. I also have mango. The blue also was two different shades, light and dark.

      Currently no stripes or paisleys, but my first bandages had stars on them! I think the stars represented what I was seeing when I was hit by the car!

      I’m going to have a contest to see what the readers’ favorite colors are! I’ll let you know when the contest begins. I’d love to count your vote!

  6. Now I see the USA is really blessed country where a nice dog has receiving better medical support than regular people in third-world-countries. Be healthy, Joey!

    • Thank you, Alexander. Thank you for pointing out that people all around the world also need better, accessible and affordable medical care and support.

  7. This story is filled by love and care. I like the style of that story also. Dog’s Blog. The world and people are described from the eyes of dog. It is interesting and useful to know.

  8. Your blog stands out and is very good. I like it a lot. I even don’t strongly disapprove of your introduction, which is normally a big no no.

  9. Great job.
    I love Joey’s blog.
    Wonderful pictures.
    Keep cool,

  10. Jane,

    Cute. Why not make it into a book for children? And then a DVD. Get a good children’s publisher and use your video clips for illustration.


  11. Your dog is gorgeous!!

    • Kimberly,

      Are you talking about me?

      My parents would never stand for that kind of talk around me! Handsome, maybe! They say it would go to my head, which they think is already large enough relative to my body. But I definitely appreciate it!

      Thanks and thanks for reading my blog!


  12. Hi,
    I have a dog who is 17 years old. She has never been injured, but now that she is basically geriatric, she has a hard time doing much of anything. Her back legs are weak, she can’t jump, she’s deaf and pretty blind. I was wondering you had any advice for ways to amuse or bring some joy into the life of a dog who is so frail and deprived of her senses. Thanks.

    • Jessica,

      Thank you for writing to me and telling me about your dog. I’m not sure what geriatric means, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that she is 17 years old.

      I think this is an excellent question and shows what a wonderful friend to your dog you are, as you care about her and want to know what you can do to make her life more comfortable and happier. Surely she will not tell you, and that is how you all have to work hard to try to understand us dogs.

      I will write more later….I have to go right now. I will add more later, for sure!


      Your pal,


      • Jessica,

        Thank you for waiting for my response. Your dog cannot see or hear. At the same time, smell is probably the main way we dogs navigate the world. So if your dog cannot listen or see, she can probably still smell, although probably not as well as before. (For example, when my parents open up a bag of peanuts or peal an orange, I come running. I don’t see the peanuts or oranges but I can smell them from wherever I am in our home.)

        Some dogs will start to lose their sense of smell as they get older. But if you heat up foods, and heat up her food so that she can smell it better, she will enjoy her meals more and enjoy the wonderful aromas.

        If it is warm where you live, maybe you can take her outside a little bit, because outside there is so much for us dogs to smell. Dogs are so happy in the world of other animals and plants. She can smell other animals and trees. Even if she cannot walk far, she can just sit with you in the garden and enjoy that a lot, or in a small enclosed area that allows her to smell the scents of other dogs and bunnies and squirrels. Be careful: If she is small, never leave her alone. If she is small, she can just sit on your lap in outside where she can safely enjoy the smells of her world.

        Maybe you can also put somebody’s sock or glove or other small piece of clothing near her bed, so she has that smell near her, too.

        Your dog’s sense of touch is also strong. She can still feel you nearby and she can feel when you pet her. Have you tried petting her paws? Dogs have a good sense of touch on their paws too and that is comforting. If she takes her paw away, like I do sometimes from my mom when she pets my legs and the bottoms of my paw pads, you know that that doesn’t feel good for her. Otherwise, it feels good for her. If she cannot see your hand, she can still smell it and feel its gentle resting on her head or back.

        I hope I have given you a few suggestions. Let me know if these work!

        Your pal,


  13. I think Joey is a pioneer for creating this blog, and sharing his story that touches the hearts of so many people.

  14. thanks for the nice blog. and nice dog! Joey looks like a lot of fun.

  15. i luv ur pics there so cool hope for the best.

  16. how r u feeling, joey

    • Leana,

      Thank you for asking. How are you feeling, too?

      I’m feeling pretty good. If you saw me you’d still think I’m a two-year old. But my parents know better. They see that I’m sleeping more and more, and that I don’t want to get up in the morning like I used to. My dad has to work a little harder to get me up and running. My arthritis and elbow dysplasia slow me down when I’m running and then I don’t feel so good and he , and springtime is on its way.

      How about you?

      Your pal,


      • I am feeling very good thank you for asking, hope you get up and running soon but by your looks it lookes like you will be there in no time.:)

        • I am running but not as often and not as far as I used to. Still, I am happy to run whenever I can, even if I do poop out toward the end when Dad runs me up the big hill at the end.

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