Dec 192011

My parents want to go take a vacation. They want to go far away. They also want to bring me with them. We will have a family vacation. They also know that if they leave me alone, one of two things will happen.  I’ll either get stiff legs from my arthritis and from sitting around all day doing nothing, or sitting in a crate, or I’ll get depressed from missing them and wondering where they are and why I’m not with them and when they’re going to return to me. The last time they left me, even though I was taken good care of, it took about 4 days for me to snap out of my depression and to start eating again.  So they want to take me with them.  But condos don’t like dogs.

The condo said that when we drive up to the guard house, if the guard sees a dog inside the car, I will not be allowed any further. I will not be allowed into the condo.

The condo said that the older condo buildings allow dogs, but only if the doctor says that the person needs to have a dog to survive.

The condo said that the older condo buildings allow dogs but only dogs that weigh under 40 pounds. That would not be me.

Why don’t condos like dogs? 

Why don’t condos like large dogs?

We are part of the family.  And my parents are sad about this.  Many people love dogs, and many people love me. But not everybody does.

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