Jun 292010

A dog has a really unique family and set of relatives: He has his canine family and he has his human family. And then he has his adoptive human family.

It was a long long time ago when I had my first human family. So long ago I really don’t recall.

But last week when I met Gramps, when he stepped out of his car in front of our home and came through the gate and into our backyard, I knew right away he and I had a connection. A very strong connection and bond. I don’t “remember” him but at the same time he knew just how to play with me, just how to talk to me, and I knew right away we were on the same side of the fence!  It’s like he had known me forever!

And he had!

And then Debra came over to me when I was wagging my tail at the fence looking at everybody who was on the other side of the fence, talking, being happy.  When I was a newborn puppy, Debra was my big human sister. Then I grew and grew.  I grew so big that when Debra saw me last week, after ten years, she hardly recognized little “Big Ears”, as she had named me when I was born.  Of course I don’t remember growing, but there we were again.

And see my first Grandma?  She and Gramps owned my mother, Cocoa. They owned her, and loved her, and took care of her when she was healthy and when she was sick. She and Gramps and Debra were also there with me right when I was born.   Before I became known to Debra as “Big Ears” and long before I became known as “Joey”.  (And maybe they will write about when I was born!)

I love my whole entire first family.

You can see this in our “first family” portrait.

And once again I have to say that I am a lucky dog!

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