Apr 302010

Here I am, a runner, sitting beneath a statue to one of the great runners of the Boston Marathon, John A. Kelly. And I would say I’m a pretty long-distance runner, for a dog of my age. After all, I’m going to be eleven years old and I’m back to running with my Dad, anything from 2.3 miles (such as when my mom runs with us, or when she runs me alone) or 4 or even 5 miles. The truth is the more often I run, the better off I am.

This statue shows John Kelly as a young runner and John Kelly as an older runner. That would be just like me. I too am “Young at Heart”. Some people still say I act like a puppy. In fact, my mom calls me a puppy all the time.

The Boston Marathon runs right outside our home. This year my mom walked me with her along the route. I was a little too excited for her. I pulled and pulled on the lead, and it was very difficult for her to control me. There were many dogs with their owners and I, of course, wanted to say hello to each one. I wanted to greet each dog to my neighborhood and welcome him and welcome her to the ‘hood.

My mom’s response was “Joey, come” and that was the end of my Boston Marathon experience. At least for this year.

My mom likes to remember that it was just one year ago that I was hit by the car, along this very road.

Who would have thought! Certainly not I! Although I have always had faith, and I have always been young at heart.

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