Feb 222010

Many people look at their dogs and ask, “Is my dog dreaming?” And if so, they want to know “What is my dog is dreaming about?

Here is a video of me, taken three months after I was hit by the car, shortly after the doctor took off my splint and bandages. It was July and warm and sunny during the daytime.  I was allowed to take longer walks but I was definitely not allowed to run.

In the middle of the night, my Dad will my Dad say “Joey’s dreaming.” Then he’ll say, “Joey.” Then pause. “Joey.” Or my Mom will do this, too. And then I’ll wake up, and look straight at them, then go right back to sleep.

Am I dreaming?   If you think I am dreaming, what am I dreaming about?

[flv:http://www.dogsdontlookbothways.com/joeys_blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Joey_dreaming.swf 480 360]

Please comment!

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Feb 122010

So there I was, a Cover Dog, my photo on the cover of a newspaper, right there on the cover of the Daily News Tribune, for everybody to see!  And my story was the cover story, “Jottings from Joey.” And it said, “Chocolate Lab’s blog gives dog’s eye view of world”.

When my mom came home that day, she was screaming, “Joey! You’re right on the front page! You’re a COVER DOG!”  Not shouting angry, shouting excited.  And shoving this newspaper into my face.  Okay.  Does that make me famous? Does that mean my parents will feed me more chicken from the table when they sit down to eat? Does that mean that I will go on more and longer walks and runs?  Does that mean that they will allow me to sleep on their bed at night?

Today when I went to my veterinarian’s for some reason, they said, “Joey, you’re famous!”  Did I care?  One of the technicians went over to a jar of treats and got me one. Now that’s what I cared about! That and all the love that was there!

About my photo, most people say I looked “regal”.  People have said to my mom, “It’s amazing he could stand still for so long while his photo was taken.”  My mom calls me “statuesque” though I don’t understand what that means.

The newspaper story that my friend Dan wrote was very good. It was all about my blog, and about my book, the book that my mom wants to find a publisher for. When my mom tells people about my book, they say “My son would love reading that book.”  And so my mom keeps on trying to find a publisher.

My book is like my blog: I write it to help other people who have dogs, and to help other dogs, of course. I write it to help children who have dogs to understand their dogs. I know what it’s like to be a dog, and I know what it’s like to be injured. To be a dog is fun! To be injured is not.

There I am!  My photo was right next to the New York Times, right on top of Barron’s, and right under the Boston Herald.

How would you describe my closeup coverdog photo?

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Feb 072010

In June and July, I continued to get mail and receive comments to my blog posts, and I continued to make friends with dog lovers and dog owners.

In June, I made friends with people all the way in Russia.

I really have no idea where that is, or how far away it is, but my mom was saying, “Wow. Russia” when the comment came in. My Russian friend, Alexander, commented on how good medical care for dogs is here in the United States, and that medical care for dogs here in the United States is often better than medical care for people in Russia. I think the idea is that we in the U.S. are supposed to appreciate the blessings of a good life. And be sensitive about people who cannot get good medical care.  I know that I do, and I also appreciate good friends like Alexander. I also think there must be many dogs in Russia because many dogs come from there, such as Siberian Huskies, and more.

Around this time, I got my new bootie, and life was really better for me, so people who commented on my blog learned about that and were happy about that.

People also wrote about their own experiences with dogs, and with losing their dogs, as their dogs passed away.

One of my new friends, Jeanne, wrote about how sad she was when her dog died. She wrote that even years later, she still felt very sad about no longer having her dog. My new friend also wrote about how sad her daughter was feeling because her hamster died recently and how difficult it was for her daughter to say “good bye”. That reminded me of my post…about Wanda and Miri and their hamster.

I also got a comment from Ellen, about health insurance and, although this is not my department, my comment did mention pet insurance, which I don’t have.

But one thing is sure: People and dogs both have bones, and bones can break (Ellen’s wrist had broken), and nobody thinks that is much fun. (But while people don’t think that is much fun, I never saw a person with that big collar around his neck, such as I had to wear!)

In some comments, people expressed the idea that just because I had my full splint taken off, that I could go swimming, and take showers, and do all sorts of things. I could not.

So in my responses, I commented that I was still bandaged, that I still had to have a lot of patience. I was very limited in movement, I could not take a shower, and certainly could not go swimming, and still hadn’t gotten my ankle and toes x-rayed to see how well it was healing, or had healed.

Another topic that came out of the comments was my readers’ confusion between a splint and a cast.

In my responses, I explained this difference between a splint and a cast. But to repeat, the splint is more flexible than a cast. It allows my leg to flex more than a cast would. I had a splint.

Finally, I just received nice comments from people saying hello, wishing me a speedy recovery, and telling me how much they liked my story and how glad they were that I was healing.  And these comments are just fine with me!

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