Jan 112010

This was a fun day.  It started out with my Dad and me running!  But then it became very different from other days.  First, the doorbell rang and a man came to our home. He brought lots of things with him.  I know he was nice and I could smell his dog all over him!  Then the man said “He smells my dog”.  I could have told him that!

So then my mom asked, “What’s your dog’s name?” and he said “Honey”.  Honey is a Welsh Corgi.

Getting back to this day, this day was different from any day I had before.  The man  and my mom and I all went into the office. My mom and I went over to the desk and computer, and my mom said “Joey, sit” and that’s what I did – for a while.  I looked at him a lot.  I was also pretty interested in this man because I could smell his dog all over him! So after a while I got up and moved around. But again and again my mom said “Joey, sit” and so I did, and then the nice man said, “Joey!” and I looked at him and his big camera and this man said “Good boy” and so on. And so on.

The man was pretty relaxed and I was pretty relaxed. But I was also interested in the treats that were in the little cup in his hand. You can see my ears: They are paying attention to those treats.

And so it went!  When this man was leaving our home, he said, “Joey, sit” and he took more photographs of me standing by our front door. He’s a nice man and I was very relaxed for him.  And that is unusual for me to sit still for so long and to look straight ahead into a little box that doesn’t smell like a treat. Usually I look up, or down, or to one side, or to the other.

Then the man left our home and another man came!  This man and my mom sat in the kitchen and talked for a long time. He was nice also.  I was relaxing for a while in my bed in the dining room, right by the kitchen, while they talked. But I liked this man. And so – I brought my ball into the kitchen and started showing him that I wanted him to play ball with me. I wanted to be his friend and I wanted him to be my friend.

I think he is my friend, even though we didn’t play ball. But still, he was very nice.

And then my mom said, “Joey, you’re going to be in the newspaper!” although I didn’t know what she was talking about.

And then she gave me the treats that had been in the little cup.

The rest of the day wasn’t so interesting. But I’m not complaining!


Joey also appeared as a “cover dog” the following week, in the Daily News Tribune, the following week, with Joey as the cover photo and article!

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