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Many children are afraid of us dogs.  Many children love us dogs! And many children are afraid of us dogs but want to love us. They want to get close to us and not get close to us.Cold Spring_0007

Waiting alone, for my mom, outside a school

Waiting alone, for my mom, outside a school


Sometimes my mom and I take a walk to the school.  She leaves me alone outside the building while she goes inside.  For a while, I’m alone but I know she’ll come get me soon.


Then the children come by!





here come some children!

here come some children!


These are good times when the children come by.  They love to pet me.  They know my name. My mom says that when they see her and they don’t see me, they ask, “Where’s Joey?”  They ask “Why isn’t Joey with you?”

Then they tell her to say “Hello” to me, and she comes home and says “Ariel says hello!” or names one of the other children who have become my friends.

Maybe you would like to tell a little about why children love us dogs!  Please comment below!

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Dec 072009

A 2007 Gallup pole indicated that 44% of American families own a dog.  Wanting to have an at-home companion or a friend was the main reason why these families chose to own a dog.  A  much smaller number of people had a dog for protection, security, or practical reasons such as for hunting and exercise. But dogs are also useful. It’s helpful to know about your dog’s breed in order to understand what special qualities and characteristics your dog possesses innately. Then you can appreciate your dog all the more, and provide the resources that make your dog thrive and be happy.


On a special day,  I got to have my photo taken with a group of firefighters from our town, Newton. Also in the photo were Senator John Kerry and our mayor-elect, Setti Warren.  This was a special photo because special and very nice people were in it and because I was in the photo, too! I was being useful by helping my candidate win. You can see me to the right, trying to make friends with one of the firefighters, who is petting me.


When many people think of firefighters, they think of Dalmatians.  So we are back to the topic of dogs.  Dalmatians and I are dogs.  Also, Dalmatians and Retrievers (like I am) are strong and can run for long distances. Dalmatians were very useful to firefighters a long time ago, before firefighters drove those large trucks with engines that they drive now. In fact, our town of Newton was the first town to use motorized firetrucks in our country!  Before firefighters drove trucks with engines, they drove trucks that were pulled by horses.  Teams of horses.
So to get back to the topic of dogs:  Who protected the horses? Why, Dalmatians, of course!

What did Dalmatians protect the horses from?  From robbers and thieves who wanted to steal the horses and people’s belongings during the nighttime when the firemen were sleeping. They also protected the horses from wild dogs who would roam the streets and nip at the horses’ feet.

Why Dalmatians?  Dalmatians and horses make very good friends.  Dalmatians are strong (like me) and can run for long distances, maybe more than 30 miles, at a speed up to 30 mph! Dalmatians wanted to protect the horses.  The Dalmatians calmed the horses down when the horses got agitated, such as when there was a fire.  People also liked the way Dalmatians looked, with their spots!So firefighters have loved dogs for a long time because dogs have been their friends and have been very useful in people’s lives.  I am happy to know that in our town we have wonderful firefighters and that now they are my friends!

I have a lot of nice photographs of Dalmatians and horse-drawn firetrucks!  Look below!

A Dalmation with the men and horses of Company #3, Stamford Ct., around the turn of the century (19th to 20th).  Thanks to Lt. Palmer for allowing me to use the photo!You can see the company Dalmatian to the right, just under the wagon wheel.

Here you will see a video of horse-drawn firetrucks from a long time ago, long before you or I were born.

  Finally, my blog used to show a video of Blaze, the Dalmatian! He’s owned by Dave Humpert from the California State Firefighters’ Association! I think that Blaze and I would make really good friends! You can’t see the video anymore, however. Ask my mom why not. But here is a photo of Blaze.”

Blaze! Dalmatian Fire Dog from San Diego!

Mr. Mitch Mendler, who took this photo of Blaze, gave my mom permission to use it.

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