Apr 262009

Do you supplement your dog’s food with Omega 3 oils and glucosamine and chondroiten? Also, have you checked with your veterinarian that the supplements are of veterinary quality?


My breakfast consists of Science Diet dry food. Though I don’t always act my age, according to Science Diet I’m a “mature adult” since I’m over six years old, so I eat the mature adult variety. But now there is a different smell in my breakfast: It is something called “Condroitin with Glucosamine”.

My parents also keep my water bowls filled with fresh water at all times.  Since I came home, I’ve been very thirsty.

For my dinner, I have Science Diet. But there is a unique smell in my food here too: It is something called “Omega 3 Salmon Oil.”

Apr 142009


Happiness is being outside with my dad when it’s snowing. Even better, I’m also doing one of my favorite hobbies, which is walking or, even better, running.

Do you see the silly red coat that my dad has me wearing? The truth is that every time I had a chance to take it off, that is, whenever Dad wasn’t looking, I managed to get it off of me.  I use my intelligence and determination to maneuver myself out of it.  On this night, the cold didn’t bother me but the coat did. This is one of the last times I ever wore that coat.

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Apr 132009

Hello, friends.
My name is Joey, and I’m a Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

When I began to write my story, I was 9.78 years old. That’s a pretty exact age but I know this was correct. You see, last month I was taken to the emergency room of the animal hospital in Roxborough MA and there they calculated my age – to two decimal places! Although I was in a hospital, I really made lots of friends there .

joey, chocolate labrador retriever
Earlier that fine spring morning I had found myself in a situation that I had not anticipated. And neither had my mom, when she opened the kitchen door that led to the back yard to allow me to spend some of the morning hours outside while she prepared herself for the day.

For the next six days, beginning with my sojourn to the hospital, and since then, I’ve heard children and adults ask many questions about us dogs. It’s been difficult for me to express myself to you all, so I’m now taking the time to tell you a little about us and what we need, and how to care for us.

I understand the expression, “Dog is man’s best friend” and in my heart I know that man is a dog’s best friend, too. My life has been an expression of that relationship.  So my tale is dedicated to our friendship!

Please read my story.  You will learn many things. You will learn about yourselves. You will learn how about dogs in general, about Labrador Retrievers in specific.  My story is also about people – people like you, and people like your neighbors. It is about people who have dogs and people who don’t.  I also provide a lot of information for children and adults, so that children and their parents can learn about us dogs, and how to care for a dog and a pet that has been wounded, injured or is ill. And you will see many nice photos and illustrations.

I begin my story one snowy night when my parents took me for a walk!


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