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Did you ever write to a dog before?

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Comments are very important to me. You can write about my website, about my blog, about me, about your dog, about your cat, about your neighbor’s cat. You can write if your dog has been injured (or hit by a car, like I was). You can write about the street or the city or the country where you live because there are probably dogs there too! I doubt it, but it might help expand my vocabulary.

Although I can’t read, my parents can, and will make sure I get your message.

Much appreciated!


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  1. Hello,

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    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks and Many Happy Wags!


    Bella Wong
    Network Manager
    Dogtime Media

  2. Hello Jane
    I saw your posting to Sayontan about eliminating the search bar in the header. Could you tell me where is that option please?
    Many thanks

    • Claudio,

      Joey has forwarded your email to me.

      Sure. First, you have to have his most recent version (I think it was put up just this week).

      Go to Appearance, Suffusion Theme Options, Navigation Bar Setup, and the last (bottom) item is Show Search in Navigation Bar. The default is to show the search button. Choose the other option and click “save”.



  3. Jessica and Bruno,

    Oh, I’m sorry that Bruno is limping. How old is Bruno? Is he still a puppy?

    Three weeks does sound pretty short. Here are a few things you can think about:

    I limped after my splint was taken off but this is because I had gone for 10 weeks without using those muscles and I had to recondition my leg. My dad is fond of saying “muscle atrophy”. Big words he uses. Also, I had to get used to the plate and screws in my leg and learn how to walk again.

    And then again: Did the doctors take x-rays at the point where the splint came off? Has the doctor taken x-rays in the three weeks since then? If so, did you see the x-rays? The doctor would be able to tell from the x-rays- and then to show you – if the leg has started to heal properly – and how properly. Puppies heal more quickly than adolescents or older dogs like me. Luca had his splint taken off four weeks after surgery, which was also early, and that was because Luca had developed a serious infection.

    Bruno broke his front leg and I broke my back leg, so the splints would be different. Still, I would like to tell you a little about my splints: The first one was very big. It went from my toes to my hip. The next one was much smaller: It went from my toes to below my knee. This made it cooler for me and easier to move around. It looks from the picture on your blog that the original splint was pretty large; was the sore near the top, where it cut into Bruno’s front leg? If so, maybe there was an option to just make a smaller splint that does not cut into his leg, where he was getting a sore. Of course I do not know where the broken bone was. Maybe you do and this was part of the decision to use no splint at all.

    Second, each time I had a bandage change my leg was washed with antiseptic and allowed to just feel the air for a while.

    Next, when my splint was removed after week 7 after my surgery, the bandages were not. The bandages remained for a while to maintain stability while giving my leg a chance to strengthen and to get more air circulating. Rebandaging Bruno’s leg to just add some stability might be something you can put on your list to talk to Bruno’s doctors about. The bandages won’t cut into Bruno’s leg and will provide more stability.

    I think that looking at the x-rays is the key and seeing how healed Bruno’s leg is – is the key.

    Well, like I said, I’m not a doctor, but I know it’s very important for our parents to be more informed about, knowledgeable of, and involved in the medical options and decisions made for us injured dogs.

    I look forward to receiving your photo!


    NOTE: Thanks for the photo! From now on, we can communicate on Bruno’s own page; just follow this link. The post name is “Meet Bruno: A dog who won’t tell anybody how he broke his leg“. See you there!

  4. Joey and your parents,
    Thank you for your story. It helped so much tonight. Loud noises scary my to death. We had fun reading your story and now I have calmed down and ready for some sleep. Won’t have to pace the apartment.

    Hugs from a distance cousin,
    11 yr old choc lab.

    • Ruby,

      Hugs to you too! You’re eleven? Wow! We probably have a lot of stories to tell each other about life as a choc!

      Your distant cousin,


    • Ruby,
      Glad my story helped you and that you had fun reading it. My Dad sometimes reads stories to me, too. What calms me is just that he’s there, by my side.
      You’re eleven? Wow, I aspire to be eleven!
      Your pal,

  5. I just started to read your blog and it brought tears to my eyes! Your blog is brilliant!!

  6. Dear Joey!
    I wish you and your parents Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I wish you health and futher success in your activities. You are wonderful dog, it’s true!


  7. Joey-
    Yesterday I was in my old neighborhood (in Brooklyn) and thought of you. I was getting my hair cut and a black lab walked in with either her “mom” or best friend- his working partner who was blind.

    It was hard not to think of you of course. This dog was so so quiet and calm and trying to be helpful. He let strange- but looking helpful people take his partner’s arm and guide her first to a chair to wait and then to get her nails done. I kept wondering how he let his partner go through all this and not interfere- to me his partner’s getting her nails done looked like an attack!- all those scissors and files. But he was smart and able to diffrientiate and I am sure she was here before. My hairdresser- who probably recognized the dog, went over to pat him and he seemed to enjoy it–but I was always not not to play with a dog while he is working–and he definitely was!

    He sat still, all the time starring at his good friend to see if she needed something and then as the place got more crowded and there were more people, his “mom” told him to lie down-which he did, all the time alert in case he needed to pop up again.

    I was thinking, now that your story is becoming more well known, if you yourself could do good to help others. I know your parents are generous- and help others, but perhaps now after all your experiences, you yourself have learned that not all dogs and people are as blessed as you- perhaps you can get training to become a helper of some sort too. At least publicize it if you have not yet on your blog-maybe you have already. Dogs can visit nursing homes and help children going through difficult situations, Dogs and their parents were trained to help out during 9/11. TRaining is fun and the demands for help can be short-term ( www. therapydogs. com, http:\\ The Delta society is a great place to start and you and your parents should join, too!

  8. I think it’s interesting to have a story that is told from a dog’s point of view. I think a child who loves animals or an adult for that matter would find the story very intriguing.

    • Hi Lenore!

      It’s really nice to meet you! You sound like a reallly nice person. I’m glad you like my story. The dog’s point of view is the only one I have!

      Your new friend,


  9. It’s great story!

    When I was reading it I was remembering the book of Troepolsky “White Bim – Black Ear”. In Russia everyone knows about this dog because of the same named film was created with participation the most famous in Russia actor. ( I don’t know but I think that film and maybe book were translated to English). After reading of this book I weeped. In the end of this book Bim dies because of people hard-heartedness. It seems that the main author’s idea and aim was to show that it is no kindness without spite. I think if you find something, which make every reader to think “Am I kind or spiteful?” or another significant for people question, your article will be successful. That I think so, but maybe I don’t understand something in your story.

    People say that a dog becomes more similar on his owner in the course time. Is it true? Maybe the answer for this question causes to be people more kind and careful to animals and each other too like to see themself in mirror.

    Joey has kind and clever eyes in photo and, I think, happy character. People said that a dog becomes more similar on his owner in the course time. Is it true? Is Joey more similar on Jane or Phil?


    • Tatyana,

      Thank you for telling me about the book about White Bim. It’s very interesting; dogs are all over the world, and so are people! So we have a long and wide history together. I don’t read much, but maybe my mom can read the book to me.

      Some people are kind to dogs, and some are not. I have been very lucky; my owners are very kind and loving to me. My sister Rosie’s owners are very kind and loving to my sister. This is nice.

      Yes, is the answer to your question. It is one idea in my blog: I want people to think about how they treat their dogs: If they are kind but firm with their dogs, their dogs will return the love and be kind, too. And will be obedient, too. After I was hurt, I obeyed my mom much more than I did before. I just wanted to please my parents, who had been so kind and dedicated to me when I needed it most.

      Am I more like my mom or my dad? Gee…. I guess I’m like my dad, in that we both like to get up early (very early) and go outside and run, while my mom likes to sleep late. But my mom likes to dance, and I enjoy that, so when she dances, I do too. I am also similar to my dad, in that both he and I have reddish brown hair. And I am similar to my mom, in that she always likes to try new things, and so do I. I like harmony. I think I have influenced my parents in this way. My dad always used to say “Thank you” to me when I obeyed a command and my mom always teaches me to say “thank you” to people who have been kind to me, and I have learned to be appreciative of kind acts, so I am similar to both of my parents in this regard. Both my parents try to learn and explore new things (though it is this exploration that got me into trouble in the first place), and make friends, and be kind to others, and enjoy the little things in life and in nature, so we all fit together and have a good influence on each other.

      It is nice that you and I are friends! I think you understand me!

      Your pal,


  10. Our grandchildren Rachel & Tamara recently acquired a Portuguese Water Dog. We know for sure they would be first in line at the book store if Joey would publish a book about his experiences. They not only LOVE their dog (Marcos) but are anxious to know all they can about caring for him. Learning from an actual dog would really spark their interest!

    Harold & Joyce Kimmelman

    • Harold and Joyce,

      First, I am thrilled that Rachel and Tamara have a dog!! Is Marcos still a puppy? I started out really small and then turned into 80 lbs. Maybe their Portuguese Water dog is a little smaller?

      I am an actual dog, this is true. I think that children would be interested in my story. I would like to share my story with others, in particular children. And with adults, because adults could read my story to their children.

      I like your idea. If I publish my book and your grandchildren are the first in line, do I have to sign my book for them? I’m not too good at book signing!

      Harold and Joyce, thank you for writing and encouraging me! And please say to Rachel and Tamara, “Joey says Hi!”

      Your pal,


  11. I hope that you are completely healed from your injuries, and that your family has recovered too. I don’t have any dogs living with me, just 4 kitty cats who perch in my windows and look out on the street, but I have many, many dog friends who stop to say hello to me. I like to think myself something of an animal’s Will Rogers, I’ve never met an animal I didn’t like. I live on the Marathon route too and if I see you run by I’ll give you a big shout and a hello!

    Wishing you all well and I really like your blog,


    • Thanks, Lisa, for enjoying my blog and for writing to me. I like kitty cats too so don’t worry. (Actually, I like them more than they like me.) I’m not jealous. I never met a dog I didn’t like, but I have met many dogs who didn’t like me. Do you also live along the Marathon route? Please shout out “Hello Joey!” if you see me. And tell me you’re from the blog. If my parents cooperate with me, I’ll say a big hello to you. Gee, maybe we’ll both be running in the same direction!

  12. Hello Joey,
    I wanted to let you know about an event for Boston pets and pet parents that I think the readers of your blog would enjoy.
    Boston-area pets are invited to receive the star treatment all to kick-off a four-day benefit on behalf of the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Pets and their owners are invited to attend the VIP kickoff celebration at Unleashed by PETCO’s Wellesley location complete with a green carpet, “pawparazzi,” a pet-friendly ice cream social, and giveaways on June 17. The event will include a $10,000 donation by PETCO plus any additional cash and Animal Rescue Leage “Wish List” donations made by guests between June 17-20 at all seven Boston area Unleashed by PETCO locations. The Animal Rescue League of Boston will also have their Mobile Animal Transport (MAT) vehicle on location to meet with potential pet parents and host adoption events at select Boston-area locations throughout the weekend.
    I hope you, your parents and anyone else who reads this blog can attend.

  13. Hi Joey,
    Wow, eleven years old and doing well. That’s so great, especially after your accident. We look forward to seeing you again…and taking you swimming with our Chocolate Lab, Mocha.
    Gramps & Granny (Neil & Pam)

  14. Joey,
    I’m very impressed at how eloquent you are. You must get that from your parents. If I could, I would change lives with you.

    • J.,

      Thank you! I’m not sure what I’ve gotten from my parents in that regard, although if they’re reading this they will surely take it as a compliment, but communication IS important to us! And that we all work on it. I can say that my parents make the tools of eloquence available to me, for the taking. So on behalf of my parents, thank you, and thank you.

      Would you change lives with me? The first thing you’d have to do, then, is make a commitment to blogging. Are you up for it?


  15. Hi there,

    Just wanted to inform yourself and your readers about an annual event for dogs and dog lovers … the “Reindog Parade” at the Holidays on the Green event at The Pinehills in Plymouth, MA is one of the most adorable traditions around!

    Dog owners dress their pups in festive, holiday gear and parade them around our Village Green. The dogs will then be judged on their costume and personality. The top three winners will be awarded a “doggy bag” prize!

    To participate is free and for anyone who has a dog or loves dogs and wants to come as a spectator. Information on the Parade is below. Let me know if I can get you more info or photos as well!

    Register your dog for FREE from 2:00-2:45pm on the Village Green. Parade starts at 3:00pm!

    • Torey, thanks but no thanks.

      I don’t like to be dressed up and I don’t like to be paraded around.

      Just this morning my mom gave me a shower and then dried me off with towels and the hair dryer and my coat looks just beautiful and shiny. What more could I want!!!


  16. Hello,

    My name is Rick Thomas. The reason I am contacting you is because I think the readers of your blog would be interested in learning about the new site I just launched.
    The site was inspired by my dog, Miley, who I rescued from a local shelter. What’s My Puppy helps people determine the breed of their pound puppies and also donates quarterly to the registered shelter with the most participation points.
    If you would be interested in writing a blog post about the site I would gladly re-post the article in our news section and also include your blog in our links section. You can look over our press release here:
    Feel free to email me with any questions or feedback about the site. Thank you!

  17. Thank you for the availability and versatility in the commenting realm. I would love to hear other dog owners’ stories.

  18. Hi, we own a dog training website that offers on line dog training coarses and we also have a blog on the site with great tips for people with problems with their dogs. The site is

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in having us a guest blogger for you sometime? Come check out our site. I look forward in heraing from you.


  19. HI Joey,

    I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know about our latest dog infographic, which can be seen at and follows on from last month’s dog world records post (

    It took us a long time to put together (the research involved just over 1000 dog owners) but we’re really proud of it so would love you to feature us on your blog if you like what we’ve done 🙂

    If you have any questions or feedback, please give me a shout (or woof!)



  20. Good afternoon from American Dog Rescue!

    Every year, state-of-the-art rescue vehicles from The Humane Society of the United States crisscross the country, saving thousands of animal lives. Ready to respond at a moment’s notice, the HSUS Animal Rescue Team uses its equipment, expertise, and other resources to assist law enforcement agencies with investigation, evidence collection, and animal seizure as well to coordinate animal care, sheltering, and relocation. More than $1 million was raised from the To The Rescue! Gala, which will be used to save thousands more lives in the coming year from the cruelty of puppy mills, animal fighting operations, hoarding and neglect cases, and more. For more information on how to get involved, visit

    The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest animal protection organization — backed by 11 million Americans, or one of every 28. For more than a half-century, The HSUS has been fighting for the protection of all animals through advocacy, education and hands-on programs. Celebrating animals and confronting cruelty — On the Web at

  21. Hi there!

    We wanted to let you know that the Animal Rescue League will be at Seaport Hotel next week, Wed. June 25th, for the kick-off of Canines & Cocktails on TAMO terrace! The event is open to the public, & the Seaport will donate $10 to the ARL for every person who attends! Please see information below and attached.
    Thank you for your time, Kenton Holden

    The Return of Canines & Cocktails at Seaport Hotel’s
    TAMO Terrace Kicks off Wednesday, June 25th
    A Chance for Dog Lovers to Support the Animal Rescue League!
    WHAT: The Seaport Hotel’s TAMO Terrace has once again invited the Animal Rescue League to come and kick-off the summer’s first weekly Canines & Cocktails event on Wednesday, June 25th.
    Dogs need to unwind with their buddies, too, so don’t miss this opportunity to bring your pooch to mingle with some four legged friends while you enjoy the scene of TAMO’s terrace and outdoor bar.
    Awaiting our furry friends, organic, homemade dog treats by Seaport’s Executive Chef Richard Rayment, special “doggie bags” with treats to take home and plenty of water. For their human companions, a chance to relax and socialize over a cocktail with fellow doggie devotees.
    Seaport and TAMO will be donating $10 to the Animal Rescue League for every guest who attends the kick-off. This is the fourth season for Canines & Cocktails and the second year the ARL is involved.
    Canines & Cocktails will run all summer on Wednesday evenings. Dogs of all sizes are welcome and the event is weather dependent.
    WHO: Dog owners, dog lovers and their furry friends!
    WHERE: Seaport Hotel, TAMO Terrace, One Seaport Lane, Boston
    WHEN: Wednesday evenings from 5:30 -7:30 PM, beginning June 25th
    “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
    ~ Roger Caras
    Seaport Boston:
    Situated on the historic waterfront just minutes from the city’s finest shops, museums and attractions, guests will find a fresh approach to hospitality in the AAA Four Diamond, service fee inclusive, Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center. For more information, please visit

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