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Even at 14-1/2, I’m having new experiences, going new places, seeing new things. Here I am in an ocean. A very big body of water. It was different – nothing like I’d ever experienced – but I love it.

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  1. How is Joey doing??

    • Joey died. So this is me, Jane. I’m sorry. He died on January 10th. There’s a tab UPDATE on the front page of his blog. I’ll write more about this. Give me a little time and I’ll write about his passing. He had an absolutely spectacular life. Yes, all the good days! The person at his kennel said “To Joey, every day was a good day.”

      Did you see his book? It was published and is getting great reviews. Lots of 5-stars. You can see from the blog or from this link.

      I can’t tell you how much we miss Joey, but it’s some consolation that people are loving the book and that he’s come alive again through it.

      How’s DJ?

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I saw an April 2014 post/pic of Joey in the water so I just assumed… I knew he was getting older because he was 2 years older than my dear dog, DJ — whom you might remember also got hit by a car like Joey did and also had surgery on his leg and then wore the cone (well, was supposed to wear the cone!). Anyway, I (DJ!) always enjoyed writing back and forth to Joey during that time. I can only imagine how you must have felt and still feel with Joey being gone. DJ is 12-1/2 yrs and I dread the day. I will definitely check out Joey’s book! What a great thing you did for him and all of us dog lovers!

    Take care!

    DJ and Janette

    • DJ and Janette,

      Yes, I couldn’t bear to change that last photo. This is the first time it’s come up on the blog, believe it or not. I think it might be important to post this.

      Yes, I remember about DJ and the car, and everything our two boys had in common. And how both survived! Joey had such character that he could write back, with me typing. It was pretty amazing weird.
      I’ll send some pics of Joey’s last day. I even wrote an essay, though I haven’t gotten it published yet – – some day I will. That day too was an exceptional day.

      I understand about your dreading the day of DJ’s passing. I dreaded it – we kept giving Joey one more year – and resisted it, right until the end, when I finally embraced it and made it like all his other days. With a different ending, of course. Here come the tears!!

      Joey’s book is spectacular. If you thought you knew him before, you’ll get a completely different picture with that read. It too is HIS voice, just like the blog, but moreso. I see him, everywhere.

      Please tell me more about DJ and how he’s doing!!!

      Take care – love to stay in touch!!!

      Jane (I have to figure out how to get this to show my icon and not Joey’s now.)

      have to run now to some errands…


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