Jan 172013

Everybody’s wondering about why dogs eat tissues, why dogs are so fascinated with used tissues. I’m not. I’m wondering how to obtain them. I used to have a source.  My source was the trash basket. There was one trash basket in the 2nd floor bathroom and one in the 2nd floor bedroom and one in the far and darkened corner of the basement room.


The basement one was the easiest to obtain my used tissues because there I had a lot of privacy and because the carpeting absorbed the sound of my walking. If the door to the basement was open at all, I could just push it open a little more and go down the stairs, over to the corner of the room, and pull out used tissues without anybody knowing where I was.  If I was walking around on the 2nd floor my parents could hear my footsteps and rush up and intercept.

I did my business with the tissue right there, and left. That is, I left the tissue, the evidence, on the floor beside the basket.


When my Dad would see it laying there, he would have a fit.

It’s not like I didn’t know what I was doing.  If I was in the middle of my crime and Dad or Mom came home, I would beat my tail behind me in small and rapid whipping-like motions and slink my way upstairs or downstairs. They knew, even before they saw the evidence.

One day I came home and there was a change, an extreme change, to our home in three places.


My parents are pretty smart. I’m going to just have to accept this for the moment or to try to find another source of used tissues. But of this I’m sure: If there is another source of used tissues, I will find it!

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