Oct 122012

Another one of those trips to the animal hospital where I’m perfectly happy to go. More than happy. There’s always a new excitement in the air because the air tells me that new dogs whom I’ve never met are nearby.  It’s not always the easiest thing to wag my tail in the car, but I manage.

Into the hospital we went, and waited. There was one dog in the “Dogs” section who was really nice – until he started barking at me.  And that ended our budding friendship.  Mom took me away, and then decided to try friendship again with him, and again he started acting friendly, and then barked at me again. So that did it for good.

My hope was to find another friend, or another doctor to make friends with, and soon I found one. A doctor, that is. Mom and I followed her into a little room, where I usually get lots of attention. But this time it was a real washout. Mom and the doctor talked, and talked, and talked, and talked. I had to obtain some attention for myself after a while, but it wasn’t sustaining. And then they kept talking. What a waste.  I could have been having a really good time all the while they were talking.

So here is my animal nutritionist with me.

Before I went to the animal nutritionist my mom was feeding me chicken and rice three times a day, with some occasional squash. After I went to the animal nutritionist, my mom was giving me dry kibble two times a day.

I really don’t see what was to gain by seeing this animal nutritionist. Can anybody give me some sympathy, please?

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