Feb 122012

My parents noticed it a few times.

They noticed when I tried to jump up on the bed my rear feet lost their footing on the flooring, and I slipped. I tried to make nothing of it, and to make another attempt to jump up on the bed, this time successful. Another time my legs slipped out from under me, and I was quite too nervous to attempt it again.  My parents, who were there at the time, urged me to try again. “Come on, Joey! Jump up! Jump up!! Up up up!” they said, not wanting me to give up and give in to my newfound fear of doing something I’d done without a second thought for all of my life. They wouldn’t let me give up, my parents!

Another time I headed up the stairs from the first floor to the next floor and my rear feet slipped and my legs gave out from under me. Again I tried to make nothing of it, and to make another attempt at ascending the stairs, this time successful. But this happened several times.

Yesterday I found a surprise in a box. I could smell the box that it was for me.  My mom opened it up and many things came out of it, and soon she was working away, like usual, by the stairs. When she was finished, she said, “Joey come!” I did, and she said, “Joey, up!” I walked to the foot of the stairs, positioned my self, and walked up. At the top, she said, “Joey, come! Down, down the stairs!” and I came down to her.  Here I am modeling how I start out: Two feet on the floor, one front foot on the first step and another front foot actually moving for the second step:

Such a nice surprise, for me, and I went up and down and up and down, and it was so soft on my feet and legs and bones.

Here I am, one hind leg on the second step, one hind leg leaving the first step, one front foot on the third step and one front foot about to land on the fourth step (got that?):

And to tell you the truth, I think my parents like this surprise for themselves as well… I think I noticed them going up and down the stairs a little more than usual…


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  1. Joey,

    I love your new stairs!! That is the best surprise ever! It’s like your world is better than ever now! You look really good and brave posing on those steps!! 🙂 I think I even detect a smile on your face!

    I have been doing well but I am anxious to get my cast changed tomorrow. I might as well just get in there and get it over with! I know I will be out of it tomorrow when I get home but mom will take good care of me. I’m sad she’s leaving on Thursday but dad has strict orders to take good care of me too!

    I will write tomorrow when I get home (if I’m not toooo drowsy!) Meanwhile, keep up the good work on the stairs – you have an awesome mom to do that for you!! We are lucky dogs, Joey!!

    Your pal,

    • DJ,

      Thanks for – borrowing a phrase from our parents – the thumbs up on my new stairs! Yes, I am happy in the photo and going up and down. I shall also have many more opportunities to be happy, going up and down! But I have never been able to switch directions in the middle of the staircase; I’m just too big. I have to go all the way up, then turn around, then come back down, or go all the way down, then turn around, then go back up. Can you switch directions in the middle of the staircase?

      Anxious about the cast change? Yes, you are. Doesn’t writing about it help to alleviate your anxiety, though? Seems like you can’t hurry up the procedure, though; that’s the nature of appointments, and human time, BJ! 🙁

      How do you know your Mom’s leaving? Do you see suitcases all over the place? That’s usually the giveaway over here, in our home. I am sure that your Dad will do an above-par job, though he may not have as much patience with your temerity! I will of course be interested to hear how you do.

      Good luck tomorrow. I will be looking forward to hearing how you do, and if the doctors advance you to the cooler and softer splint and bandages.

      Your pal,


  2. Hi Joey,

    Have you just been going up and down your stairs all day!? I bet you just love them! I don’t think I would have been able to go up them before either! My stairs have that same stuff on them that yours do now. It is actually one of my favorite places to lie down because I can see out the front windows from them!

    The cast change went okay, I guess. I doesn’t look any different to me than it did before I went in! Maybe they didn’t change it! But I know I felt realllly groggy yesterday so they probably did change it. I’m better today but I feel very tired and have been sleeping almost all day. Mom doesn’t seem to mind so I just go on sleeping! If she pulls out some chicken from the fridge I will get up though! I hope she does! Oh, they told mom they will take x-rays in 2 weeks and probably go to the soft splint. I knew it must have been something good because mom said “yahoo!” 🙂 So I gave a smile too!

    Oh yes, I saw the suitcase come inside so I knew something was up. I was just glad to see only one, which means there is no way everyone is leaving me! I guess it’s just mom leaving this time. I did hear mom say something to dad like “take good care of DJ” something like that. I always perk up if I hear my name!

    Well, that’s all for now. If I can’t sneak on this computer while mom’s away I will write more to you when she comes home. Until then, have fun inside your house, outside on your walks (and runs!) and I will dream about doing the same soon…..

    Your pal,

    • DJ,
      Your parents are ahead of the game if you already have those nice pads on the stairs. You know, today I was actually able to turn around in the middle of the stairs and switch directions! My mom got such a kick out of it that she showed my new trick and skill to my Dad, who was equally impressed.

      At your visit to Lonnie’s, probably they didn’t change the cast, but inspected your leg and sanitized it and changed the bandages. Considering your report of your productive howling, they probably decided it would be a good thing to knock you out anyway.

      Well I’m glad to also hear the good news that in two weeks you’ll be xrayed again. That probably means your getting knocked out again, though, DJ! Sounds like your mom doesn’t mind, though. Yeah, she can probably do things while you’re sleeping (like cooking chicken, for example…..)…. so that could be a good thing on many counts.

      Are you dreaming a lot more now than before? I was. The longer I was in the splint and bandages, the more I would dream and dream…

      So let me know how it goes! My dad is still running with me a few times a week though he’s giving me those pain pills every 3rd day when he sees that I’m stiffening up as a result, which has lately been every 3rd day. 🙁 When Dad gives me the pain pill, I have no choice but to swallow it.

      Your pal,


  3. Hi Joey!
    Mom got back but she seems really busy and not much time for me or this computer! I am really proud of you being able to turn around on your new stairs now! I bet you’re having fun changing directions whenever you want to! My stairs have always had that soft stuff on top of them so I’ve never known anything different.

    Yesterday mom took me to see Lonnie again. Lonnie said dad did a good job with me and my cast while mom was gone. Mom told me I had licked the top part of it too much though and she promptly put a cut off piece of sock over it like she always does. I wonder how that got off of there in the first place! Mom’s good about covering that part up because she knows I just can’t help myself from licking that area!

    Next Tuesday I will have an x-ray (and have to be sedated!) and hopefully it will look good and they put a soft wrap on my leg instead of this big hard cast again! Oh, I hope they do that! Mom told Lonnie it was time to get this show on the road and I wasn’t sure what that meant but they laughed so I guess it was all good!

    Joey, it’s okay you take the pain pills your dad gives you. He knows best! 🙂 And it allows for you to keep running! That’s not a bad tradeoff! And does he put the pill inside of something really yummy like my mom does? That’s the best part about taking pills although I haven’t had any in quite a while.

    Well, I’m going to go over by mom and see if she will take me outside. I can feel the warm air coming through the screen slider door and I sure would like to get out there!

    Have a great day Joey, and take it easy, pal!


    • HI DJ.

      Thanks for making a big push for the computer – even when your Mom is very busy and too busy to let you use it. I think you and I have a few tricks up our proverbial sleeves to get what we want (even though it doesn’t always work out the way we want it to). Speaking of proverbial sleeves, do your parents ever put coats and such on you? Not mine…. I would always find a way out, just like you seem to be finding ways to get that sock off of your leg! But last week my Dad put a bow tie on my neck and I looked pretty snappy (even if I still can’t count to three) – I know I did because my Mom got the camera and made me pose for pictures again.

      X-rays again? Or am I just losing count? Well, that wouldn’t be such a surprise! But Tuesday sounds good. Don’t you just love it when they tell a joke and laugh and you have no idea what they’re talking about? Except that it’s always nice to hear laughing and see smiles and to be in the middle of it, too.

      To answer your question, my Dad never puts my pills in the middle of anything yummy. Never ever ever. My Dad? It’s just down the hatch. Mom tries now and then, but I outsmart her, though in the end, DJ, she always outsmarts me. Recently she put the pill in the middle of my absolutely favorite bread, challah. Well, did I show her. I sat there in the middle of the kitchen with the challah in my mouth and the pill in the middle and just sat there. I refused to eat the challah if it meant having to eat the pill. She kept stuffing little pieces of challah into my mouth to entice me to eat it. It didn’t work, did i show her. But in the end, she removed the challah with the bread in it, and my dad took the pill and opened my jaws and down the hatch went the pill. So I got the pill and not the challah. So in the end, guess who’s smarter. Except that in the end, Mom gave me a little piece of challah anyway. So guess who’s smarter????

      Well, DJ, hopefully you’ll resist chewing the end of your cast, but I can say that I’ve been there, and I am sure that it’s asking too much from us!!!

      Your pal,


  4. Hi Joey!

    I was trying to picture what you might look like in your bow tie! Probably pretty handsome! I’m a handsome hound too but I’ve never worn a coat or a bow tie! My full name in Don Juan – I guess he was also a handsome guy. Mom just calls me DJ for short.

    You are a smart one too! You don’t just gobble up the challah and then get suckered into taking the pill! That’s a trick I fall for every single time! You are good, Joey! Your mom was nice to give you the challah anyway! Why can’t pills taste like chicken or challah or peanut butter!?

    I have not had an x-ray since my surgery. Tomorrow I am going in for an x-ray though and hopefully (paws crossed!) everything will look good and the cast can come off!! I think they have to put something on my leg still, but it won’t be this hard thing they call a cast though so I’m guessing it will be a lot more comfortable for me! I heard mom say I will be sedated (I’m starting to hate that word!) but she is hoping it will be the last time. So wish me luck, Joey! I will let you know how it all turns out!

    Oh, and tell me how the soft thing was for you, if you had it after your hard cast was removed….I haven’t seen my toes for so long I’ve almost forgotten what they look like!!

    I can’t eat or drink anything after midnight tonight so I think I’ll go pester mom to give me another snack before I go to bed!

    I’ll update you as soon as my drugs wear off!

    Your pal,


    • DJ,

      Today’s the day!! I’m hoping that you’re just a little bit closer to being bandage-free and whoop-di-dee. I don’t think you were a running dog like me; what kinds of things are you experiencing frustration about, about not being able to do, still? Are you limited about jumping up onto beds? Does your mom still make you slow down when she takes you out walking? She probably also has to prep you each time you go out with the bag over the cast, which will continue when the cast is removed and you just have the splint and/or bandages. Or is it just the general annoyance at having a contraption on your leg? Or all of the above? I think you hit the nail on the head when you wondered if your toes are even there. Other than having some certainty that they are, because they are itching like crazy – and you can’t get to them!!!

      Interesting name you have. I see you more as DJ, Disc Jockey or something very hip. Don Juan was rather handsome but he had other qualities too, and perhaps you don’t feel the need to live up to that other aspect of your name. I think we male dogs generally live up to that aspect of our names fairly well without being reminded of it, you know what I mean?

      Well I am hoping for good news for you about the xrays. I am sure you are inching closer to a full recovery and a full life!! What will that mean for you, DJ? Will your mom give you some special dinner when you are bandage-free? Maybe you should start prepping her for that now…

      My mom says that she can put the photo of me with my bow tie onto the computer but she is busy right now, so later.

      Anxious to hear from you when you come back to your senses!!

      Your pal,


  5. Hi Joey!

    I’m so glad you got my message yesterday because I was having a real hard time getting it to go through and confirm that it went through!

    So….yep! Got the cast off today!!! But honestly, if I didn’t know better I might think it’s still on! Except — and this is a big except — it’s SO much lighter!! I have a wrap on it and then it’s covered back up with my favorite tape – the camo pattern! I’m supposed to start putting weight on it but absolutely no jumping is allowed! I don’t know what I’m going to do about that because I have been jumping up on the couch, sofa, chair, for a long time now! But I don’t have the hard support on my leg that I used to so I need to be extra extra careful. I will keep this on for two weeks then the whole thing will come off and I will finally get to see my leg!! I haven’t seen my right front leg since January 1st! Lonnie told mom when I can see my leg I am probably going to want to lick it all day and night which will be a problem. Lonnie mentioned the cone again and I don’t like the cone! And I am really hoping today was my last sedation too! I know for sure that mom is hoping the same thing! I do have to get one more x-ray in a month but I heard mom tell Lonnie at the vet’s office that they will just have to get enough manpower (that was a funny word to me!) to hold me down and hold me still! I did not like the sound of that but I am still loopy from the drugs today so maybe I didn’t hear that correctly.

    Well, as far as my name, Don Juan, all I know is when mom tells people that’s my name, they usually start laughing and give me a big pet on the head or something. So, it must be pretty good to be Don Juan. Of course, I like DJ better though because I’m used to it and I like the way it sounds when everyone says hello to me. And don’t laugh, but I don’t seem to do too well with the ladies. I mean, I like them but I guess I’m very respectful and have never done anything that has embarrassed mom or dad. I guess I’m pretty shy and a pretty nice dog! 🙂

    I’m feeling a little sleepy again so I guess I’ll curl up on my bed — the one that’s on the floor! I’d rather be on the cushy chair but I guess I won’t be up there for a while. I noticed mom has put some large item that I don’t know the name of, up on top of my favorite chair. Guess that’s so I won’t get on it. Should I try anyway?? Would you, Joey??

    Your pal,

    • DJ,

      Congratulations! You’re getting there, buddy! Now for the really hard part: Keeping your morale up at this point when all the restrictions are suddenly hoist upon you all over again, seemingly just when you thought you’d be scott free. Yes, you are correct, when my doctors removed my splint this is exactly what happened. I felt so much better but – yes, then came the cone again, and yes, all over again I had to be on the lead when going up and down our stairs and when outside in our yard, and yes, no, yes, no, all over again, it was such a drag. So demoralizing. Now I see that the jumping up and down will be a huge issue for you because it’s your front leg that was broken and that is still healing, and that’s going to be the one that hits the ground first. I kid you not. And my friend, I think you haven’t learned your lesson yet, and certainly you haven’t learned your anatomy yet or you would not have to ask me if you should make an attempt for the big chair!!

      But you also asked Would I try for the soft chair? Well, probably I would have. 🙁

      You know, I started out with only one bed on the floor and now I have three of my own beds – two downstairs and one upstairs! So you might find some advantage in all of this.

      On a final note for the evening, I like the way your name sounds very much. And the sounds are much easier for us dogs to hear. You’re lucky you’re respectful of the ladies; my parents are always saying things to me like “Joey, that’s not nice” and “Joey, you just met!”

      Well, BJ, I hope you have a nice sleep tonight and have new resolve tomorrow to accept that, as much as we dogs are inclined to honor our instinctive and genetic heritage, we are sometimes not masters of our own fate! And how fortunate that can be, too, that we have parents who can sometimes navigate that fate for our own good, despite our best judgement.

      Feel better,

      Your pal,


  6. Hi Joey,

    Boy, you have a way of making me feel better! Just the fact that you have lived to tell your story (and my story now too!) gives me hope and a big smile (which looks pretty funny!)

    You are so right about all the restrictions hoisted right back upon me! I was actually getting used to the cast and it really wasn’t bothering me anymore at all! I had even stopped licking and sometimes I even forgot it was there! Now, everyone wants me to put my sore leg down on the ground and start getting some muscle back in there! I haven’t put it down on the ground too much since the cast was put on so I don’t know how everyone expects me to just start putting it down on the ground now! I will do my best though because I have a feeling mom would be very happy if I did. In fact, I notice the couple times I have just stood on all my fours today, she has actually told me what a good dog I am! I was wondering what I had done to deserve those words but I think it must be that I’m standing on my “bad” leg. I have really gotten used to cruising around quite nicely with just my 3 legs! Not to say I won’t be glad when they all work equally together again!

    Sometimes those nice soft chairs and sofas just look sooooo good! I can hardly keep myself on the ground when I think about how comfy I would be up on the chair. Sort of like leaving a good piece of chicken on the table when I know I could just stretch my neck up a little higher and get it! I have learned to leave it alone though.

    Mom put a new bone on my bed — the one on the ground — for when I got home today. It’s been pretty darn good! I also have a bed in the garage that’s on the floor. My dad spends time in the garage doing stuff that makes him tired but he calls it “working out” and I guess it’s good for humans and dogs alike! So, I like to use that bed when dad’s in the garage or if I just need to have some quiet time and be in a place by myself for a little while.

    You have really been good about telling me things to look forward to (or not!) so this journey hasn’t had too many surprises, thankfully. I am really not looking forward to the cone though! But if you had to do then I guess I can get through it too! I really really really hate the cone! Lonnie said if I didn’t tend to lick my new and improved leg once the splint comes off then I wouldn’t need the cone. But, Lonnie did not think that was possible and Lonnie sees a lot of dogs that like to lick their wounds and their new legs! So…she said I will need the cone but maybe just for a few days. I guess I can live with that!

    Joey, you will have to take a little advice from me this time: be nice to the ladies like your mom says and try to remember the word respect. The lady dogs don’t really like all that sniffing and everything around certain parts of theirs! They just don’t know how to tell you to stop! Good thing you have your parents there to tell you! Other than that, I will take your advice! And I will get some sleep tonight and I will leave my wrap and my leg alone tonight so mom can sleep too! Seems every time I get up to just rearrange and get more comfortable, mom comes running into the room I’m in and asks me what I’m up to! She is such a worrier sometimes.

    Joey, what’s it like to be getting a little older? My 10th birthday is coming up soon! I feel young sometimes, but I know I’m not as energetic as I used to be. And when I catch a glimpse of my reflection I notice that my muzzle area is getting some odd color hairs in it! I used to be all brown and white and now there’s some sort of different color creeping in! Mom said something about me needing to get my grays dyed….I wasn’t sure what that meant and I don’t think I want to!

    Sleep tight Joey!

    Your pal,


    • DJ,

      Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond to your letter. My dad’s been home a lot for the last few days. It’s like a vacation every day, but I don’t get it. And we’re not running in the morning. My Mom’s been taking me out for walks instead. Not generally nice long walks; more likely short ones that are fairly perfunctory. Still, I try to make the most of each one. Tonight we had a nice long walk in snow. Do you have snow? Do you know what it’s like to take a walk in snow? It’s almost better than having a nice piece of meat!!

      I’m glad your journey hasn’t had too many surprises, at least not too many unhappy surprises. Well, I guess getting hit by the car in the first place was a surprise, and then being happily found when you feared a hapless fate was another, and probably your mom was surprised at how much time she was going to be devoting to your care. But you seem all to be doing fine now, and Lonnie seems to be rounding out the party quite nicely.

      Getting older? Well the best thing about us dogs is that we are happy to live life and to love our parents (and others!) as fully as we can no matter what week it is, or year it is. And you and I will continue to do that. I say – don’t worry about it. Don’t think about it, even. Why do you need to get your grays dyed? It seems like you’re shy around the ladies anyway and even if you weren’t, they really don’t care. Take it from me!!!

      Hopefully you won’t lick your leg too much when the bandages come off. I didn’t, if that helps.

      The other important thing about getting older is really something for your mom: she’ll need to give you the glucosamine/chondroiten every day to keep your bones as healthy as possible. She puts some on my food so it’s unavoidable. At first I didn’t like it but now it’s just another flavor in the mix.

      Well, hope you’re getting some good rest and it’ll be really a lot of fun to hear from you when you get your bandages off!!

      As for being praised for basically standing up, yes, our parents are a little odd now and then. The next thing they’ll be saying “Good dog” just for our breathing!! Come to think of it, they do that. Sometimes at night I’m just lying there in my bed (on the floor), sleeping and breathing, and my mom comes over and pets me and whispers, “Good boy!” Go figure!!

      Your pal,


  7. Hi Joey!

    There has been an extra person in our house for awhile but I liked her, she took me a few short walks and was very nice to me. I have seen her before but I really don’t know who she is. Anyway, she’s gone now. Her suitcase went out the door and then mom loaded me into the car and off we went to drop her off!

    I went to see Lonnie yesterday and she was again very happy with my bandages! I was wondering though why she had to take me in the back room and wrap it a little tighter! Mom said they just wanted to be sure it didn’t loosen up or slip in the next week before I get the whole thing off! Yep, the whole thing off next Tuesday! Mom will take me in the morning and I will stay most of the day. Lonnie says she wants to watch me and see how interested I am in licking my leg that I haven’t seen since January 1st! I imagine I will be pretty interested in that! Lonnie also said that I have some sticky stuff on there from the bandages that may take a while to come off and she thought I might try to take care of getting it off myself! She doesn’t want me to do that so she told mom to bring my cone! 🙁 I hate the cone. It made me feel a lot better that you didn’t lick your leg when your bandages came off so I’m going to try to be just like you!!

    That’s nice your dad was home a lot last week! Mine just left today and he had a suitcase in his hand so I think he will not be coming home tonight. Maybe your dad just needed a break and that’s why your mom took you for walks. At least you got that long one in the snow!! And yes, I have walked in the snow! Sometimes I stay at another house that takes us a long car ride to get to and there is snow there sometimes. I like to run in it too. I sure hope I am able to do that again someday. You must have snow at your own house! That’s fun! I’ve never seen snow out my back door or on a walk here. Mom said we are going to the house that has snow next month but I’m not sure I’ll be ready to walk on it then.

    My mom puts salmon oil on my food. She tells me it’s good for all kinds of things! I love it!! I saw her put some on the cat’s food but the cat must not know anything about good taste because he walked away from his bowl! I wanted to go finish it up for him but I know better and didn’t feel like having mom yell at me for eating cat food! Have you ever tried cat food? It is GOOD!! I’m glad you’re getting the gluc/chond. I know that is good for bones for people and animals! 🙂 Mom used to give some other “doggy vitamins” as she called them but I heard her say it was getting to be too much trouble. I was younger then so maybe she will try to give them to me again now that I am older. Boy, our moms sure have their hands full don’t they? I think we have it pretty good, Joey!

    I hope you have a really good day and get to go outside for a walk or a run or just to see the snow — if it is still there.

    Your buddy,

    • DJ,

      You know, people just come and go!! The appear and disappear. Go figure!! So we just have to hope that they keep appearing because that’s the good part! Do you have a suitcase too? I have a little one that, when my mom take it out, I know we’re going to go to some fun place to walk where I won’t have to be on the lead. In my suitcase usually go things like my treats. And my mom pours some water into a container. People have weird non-helpful things in theirs.

      Does it seem real that next Tuesday is around the corner? I’ll bet you can’t even imagine how nice it will be. It’s too bad that the mere sight of the cone doesn’t stop us from licking our legs and wounds. But it sounds like you’re doing pretty well there. Our parents, however, always seem to have a plan or a project or an apparatus just in case…. The whole thing. That’s really exciting. But don’t get too excited because, like I wrote, you’ll having lots of new limits place on you. But then again, who am I to tell you not to get as excited as you want??? So go for it!!

      Yes, the snow thing… I’m glad you’ve at least seen it and played in it. Well, it sounds like you’ll be able to recover really nicely and have those nice car rides and snow romps again.

      DJ, you asked if I’ve ever eaten cat food. This is something I rarely discuss. The truth is that yes, I have. I had a little brother cat, Mickey, and I tried to eat his food whenever I could. Mom started putting his food upstairs, and mine downstairs. That was fine, until Mom would be out for the day. Somehow she would come home and find the bowl empty. So this became another little game, because I could eat all of little Mickey’s food but Mickey couldn’t make even a dent in mine!! HA HA!!! But my parents didn’t think that was funny. So Mom tried outsmarting me. She did pretty well, putting small amounts in Mickey’s bowl at a time, and keeping the rest in a little tiny refrigerator upstairs. I don’t think my Mom ever put salmon oil on Mickey’s food (though she did occasionally buy him cans of food that had salmon in it). But I liked his food, or at least I liked the idea of eating his food, and he liked his food even without the salmon oil.

      My dad being home last week wasn’t so much fun. Dad was in bed and sleeping all the time. And then he started going back to work again. So it was nice to have him home but it wasn’t fun like usual.

      But DJ, I am seeing a suitcase around the house again…. Could this mean……

      Hope to hear from you on Tuesday!

      Your pal,


  8. Oh boy, the past couple of days have been rough, Joey! I honestly don’t know how you didn’t lick the heck out of your leg when you got your cast off! Mine really itches and it does not look very pretty! I destroyed two cones at the vet’s office yesterday! 🙂 I was pretty proud of myself! My doctor and Lonnie were not. Lonnie had to get the biggest cone she had and let me tell you, it is HUGE! Then she put this thing around my neck she called a “turtleneck”, which I thought was very funny, until I saw that the turtleneck was on me and there to stay! Not so funny then! It pushes the cone up even farther so it looks even more ridiculous!

    So I spent all day at the vet’s place yesterday and mom got me around 4:30. She let me take the cone off when I got home to eat and drink but saw that I was not going to forget about my leg and wanting to lick, lick, lick! So back went the cone. The problem is you cannot get comfortable with those things! And forget about sleeping! I was stressing mom out I think and then dad got home. He’s really stern with me and told me to lie down in my bed and stay there. I didn’t dare move. Dad took the cone off so I could do that but then put that darn wrap thing around my leg for the night so I couldn’t get to my leg. It worked and I finally got some good sleep that I was so desperate for after spending so much time in the noisy vet’s place!

    Today it is raining and mom only took me out with my cone on and I don’t like to walk in that or I don’t like to do anything in that, truth be told! Now she put the wrap thing on my leg again so I can take a nap and eat. I guess I’m going to go back and forth with the cone and the wrap for a day or so until my leg can get a little better. Lonnie said I can lick it “a little” in a couple days! Sounds like that’s my ticket to go to town on it!! Not if mom sees though — and she always does! I heard her on the phone today canceling her hair appt. It made me feel kind of bad because I know she did it to stay home with me. But I’m glad she’s here!

    No, I don’t have my own suitcase. You’re lucky! Mom just puts some things in the back of the car in a bin and I guess that’s my official suitcase!

    Thanks for reminding me about the cat food again – I’m going to see if I can sneak a little sometime today. Of course, I can’t even get to my own food with the cone on! I’m glad to hear you like cat food too because I wasn’t sure if I was weird or something! Those humans try all kinds of tricks, don’t they? Does Mickey still live with you? The cat that lives here is Ollie. He is kind of mean to everyone except mom. He scares me!

    I hope your dad got lots of rest while he was at home in bed sleeping. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but sometimes it’s not. Maybe he didn’t feel well. I’m sure you were there to make him feel better though! 🙂 We dogs have a way of doing that!

    I sure hope that suitcase you saw meant you were off somewhere exotic!! Let me know. I need all the exotic stories I can get while I’m in recovery mode here.

    Your friend,


  9. DJ,

    Hello, old friend, new friend! Well, that suitcase turned out to be the real thing. It hung around not moving for days. I was supposed to think that all was safe. That it was just another piece of furniture on the floor, something else to take up space. And then another appeared. And then one day my mom took me for a nice walk to the kennel’s and then we took a nice walk along the river, and then she took me to the kennel and I have to say that I went off willingly with the guy, happily and willingly, in fact but the nights were long and really boring. No nice beds to jump up on, nobody petting me at night and saying “I love you, Joey.” Then a few days later, after river walks and play times each day, my other friends came and picked me up and brought me to their home and I spent the next few happy days at their home with my friend Genn, who is their – also Labrador Retriever – dog and a lot livelier than me and boy can she run me around! It was really fun, and the big sister lets me sleep on her bed at night so that was cool. Then last night – Dad showed up and picked me up (and my bed and my things) and home I went. I am now home, showered and dried off, tired and eating a lot, and will go back to sleep shortly!! Though the suitcases and many things are still there on the floor, I am not worried about them now.

    OH BY THE WAY Mom wants to ask you how you add comments. She is wondering if you can add your comments to the comments box below all the comments.

    So now let’s talk about you!!!

    Wow, DJ, sounds outrageous!!! Are you really that independent? HA HA. I know moms and dads say things like “bad” but maybe there’s another angle! What in the world is this turtleneck? You’re going way beyond me and my medical expertise now!! And the bag back on your leg too. Full regalia, I think. It’s crazy. We are so good at hopping on 3 legs and living with any disability and making the most of our life. But put those contraptions on us and – woah boy!! I think you should add a chapter to my blog – “when boys are boys!!” HA HA! But I wonder if some of the female dogs would act the same way….

    Oh, by the way, Mickey isn’t with us any more. One morning I was home when Mickey gave a big loud wail and woke Mom up, and then he just completely stopped moving and she started crying, and Dad came home from work and they all went into the back yard. It was pretty sad for a few days and even a few weeks. Maybe even longer than that.

    So DJ the big question is that as long as your dad is there and being stern with you, you’re not going to lick anything. But when he walks away, which he has to do from time to time, then what??

    Your pal,


  10. Hi Joey!!

    I am really sorry it’s been such a long time! This recovery mode has kept me away from the computer….and on walks! Yep, I go for pretty good walks every day now! I have officially taken my recovery to the next level and then some! After licking and licking and licking (when I wasn’t supposed to!) I got it all out of my system and got my leg just the way I like it – got all the yucky stuff licked clean and then it looked like my own leg again…pretty much! Now my fur is mostly back and I walk around on it most of the time without lifting it up. I am one happy camper! I heard mom say that once! 🙂

    So you went to the kennel huh? That happens sometimes once those suitcases appear! And then some play time at another place? Wow! You were living the high life!! Sounds like you had a great time with some new dogs and some other dog too (your friend, Genn!) And even a new bed to sleep on! Cool! But, I know you are like me…….the best place in the whole wide world is home. With our families!

    I’m sorry to hear you don’t have Mickey around anymore but most of the time I wish Ollie (the cat here) would just go away too – and I don’t mean for a couple of hours! Mom would miss him though, just like yours did so I guess I don’t want to see her sad. She’s been sad enough lately with my whole ordeal! She’s happy now though and I’d like to keep it that way!!

    Mom says we have lots of company coming this weekend. She calls them “family.” I thought my family was already here so I guess I’ll have to see who this other family is! There are kids and adults so I’m sure I will get a lot of attention! Sure glad my leg looks better for them!

    I hope you’re doing well, Joey! Write me back when you can!

    PS I saw the “cone of shame” out in the garage today. It was close to the Goodwill pile so I hope it’s going too!! I never want that thing on me ever again!!

    Your pal,

    • Dear HC (Happy Camper),

      Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy licking but got the job done. There you go, my persistent friend. Sometimes people don’t understand us but I tell you there’s a logic to everything we do. And it’s a good thing that that cone of shame is history. Mine, by the way, is not history. Somebody called out to my mom, one day when she was walking me, “Hey, how’s Joey’s lampshade”? and ever since the cone hasn’t been forced on me, it’s been covering a lampshade in our basement. Well, keep it there, I say. For us, it’s not history; it’s home decorating.

      I think you are right, DJ. The best place, after all the fun and excitement and friends that we can manage to handle, the best place IS home with our family. I sure hope that you get lots of attention with your additional family this weekend. Maybe more from them but less from your mom. Well, the only thing that matters is that there be a net gain of attention.

      DJ, I’m having some troubles lately. My confidence seems to be straying. Yesterday my mom took me back to the doctor and this time Dr. Scrutin clipped my nails. This morning I had a bit of an easier time jumping up on the bed and we’ll have to see where my confidence goes – if it goes up up up onto the bed with me, or if it nosedives and stays way down down down on the floor. Since yesterday, I’m also getting one of these pain pills each day now. Of course that means that I get a little piece of challah too. But there are some changes going on over here. I really want to be my same old Joey, my same old me.

      A few days ago my parents went out for a while. When they came home they knew something was up: I greeted them at the door but was way low to the ground and dipping as low as I could like a wet mop. Immediately Dad started saying, “Did you get into my trash again and eat the tissues?” and looking upstairs and downstairs from room to room. “Mom started saying “Did you poop somewhere”? and going upstairs and downstairs from room to room. I had my ears pinned way back onto the sides of my head. Then Mom found some water on the floor and said, “He peed a little over here” and then said, “No, I think he was just dripping water from not having all his teeth.” I still cowered like a fool and a criminal. Eventually the hunt took Dad into the living room. “Joey got onto the sofa” and he proceeded to show my Mom how I had flattened the blanket that had been nicely puffed up there. And then the strangest thing happened. “Good boy” they started saying, and making me feel pleasant. This was the most confusing part. “At least he knew he did something wrong, even if he couldn’t control himself. That means at least he has a sense of right and wrong.” Well, I don’t know “right and wrong” but I do know “good” and “bad”. So whatever, it all had a happy ending and was soon forgotten.

      DJ, tell me if you’re walking and how far and how fast and if also the little plastic bag for your leg is also history!!! When is your next visit to Lonnie?

      Your pal,


  11. Oh yes, I saw the licking opportunity and took it – big time!! Mom was really mad at dad for that one! But all’s well that ends well, right!!?

    I really had to do a big dog laugh when you told me you actually put the cone of shame to use as a lampshade! Mine doesn’t look all that nice since Lonnie had to reinforce it with some duck tape and all. I don’t know why mom keeps it but she told dad to just put it in the shed.

    I think I will definitely get a lot of attention this weekend. Possibly too much (is there such a thing!?) There will be several small kids here and they usually like to pet me non stop! I will probably get lots of walks too!

    Oh Joey, I am worried about your confidence. And I know exactly what you mean. Why do you think you are feeling that way? Is it from your leg? Or is it just plain ole getting on in your years? You know, as we age we start to feel different in a lot of ways. I hope the manicure (nail trim!) helped a little. We must keep our appearances up! I guess the upside is the extra challah you’re getting! Look on the bright side! Please try to stay positive Joey!

    And you really made me dog-nervous with your story of your head hanging low to the ground when your parents got home. I was SO relieved to hear it was most likely due to your sneaking onto the sofa while they were gone! I get on the sofa every chance I get – which is basically all day long! Actually, I go from sofa to sofa to chaise lounge! And occasionally to my own bed – ha! I don’t much care to jump up on people beds but I sure do love the sofas. Mom is constantly wiping them down, vacuuming them and fluffing the pillows on them. I know she wishes I wouldn’t get up on them but she lets me anyway.

    Are the pain pills making you feel more confident and making it easier to get around and all?

    I need to get back to see Lonnie for a final x-ray of my leg. That means I will have to be sedated again though so I know mom is procrastinating that appointment! I also know that Lonnie would love to see me and will hardly recognize me now that I’m walking on all 4’s! Hard to believe there’s a plate and pins in my leg! And the bag for my leg? Actually, it’s a nice wrap with velcro on it so mom is definitely saving it – for what, I don’t know! One of my dog friends, Duncan, had TPLO surgery on her back leg so maybe mom can let her use it for a while. She will have to have the other leg done after the first one heals! Can you imagine!! We lucked out Joey – only one bad leg for us!

    Hang in there and I will be thinking about you!!

    Your pal,

    HC (I like being a happy camper!)

    • Dear DJ/HC,

      Wow; my mom’s been hogging the computer. Though I don’t mind because I’m getting Spring fever and I get to sit outside now and then and do nothing for hours, it seems. I wonder how the visit with “family” went. Better than expected but there are times, no matter how much we try otherwise, when we’re just not part of the conversation.

      It’s also great to know that you are on all 4’s. There’s nothing worse than a mopey dog!! I’ll be wondering when your last set of xrays is going to be. It’s pretty amazing. Some day

      My nail cut is helping but I am still slipping now and then. My Dad said he’s not going to take my running anymore, but then he did, and he did again, and he did again, even this morning. As long as I can keep up, and I’m trying hard to keep up, I’m going to make it very difficult for him not to take me running with him especially because as much as he’s my running partner, I am his.

      Maybe taking the pain pill every day is making a difference after all.

      My mom decided it was time for plan B again and took me out on a long car ride and we ended up at the reservoir yesterday for a long long walk around it along the trails, and I was off my lead the whole time, and we went up and down some trails I had never been on, and she let me scamper way ahead, without even calling me to her, and then I’d turn around on my own and make sure she was still there behind me, and then keep going again. I saw lots of nice dogs along the way, all friendly, but no long play time with any of them. A few times Mom definitely observed confidence, such as one time I took a long running leap right over a large log; but one time she observed my lack of it, I think, such as when there was a steep valley off to one side of the trail and she kept throwing sticks down there for me to chase, and I didn’t chase.

      Well, we won’t draw any conclusions here other than I’ll be ready any time she wants to bring me there again!

      Please tell me how it goes with Lonnie, and you’d better be good when that time comes, but I think that you’re still going to be all uptight and need that sedative. Still, DJ, you’re one swell dog!

      Your pal,


  12. Hi Joey!!

    Wow, I feel like a really bad friend! I just have not been able to get to this computer! Just like when your mom “hogs” it, mine has been doing the same thing!!

    Don’t you just love sitting outside? All those smells whirling around in the air and eventually up our noses!

    Let me just start this off by saying I got my x-ray this week! And guess what? I know you didn’t think I could do it but…… I did NOT have to be sedated! Mom said she wasn’t going to do it if they had to sedate me and then Lonnie said they would give it a try and see if I would relax enough — I thought I better cooperate, for the sake of mom and also so I could just be done with the whole mess!! The doctor showed mom the x-ray and she told mom that the radius had healed, but the ulna was not quite healed all the way so I still need to be careful and I heard the term “restricted activity” again! Oh well, I am quite happy these days so whatever that all means, I don’t care because I am living life without bandages, a wrap, tape, none of that stuff on my leg anymore – woohoo!! 🙂 And most importantly, no cone of shame!!

    I still cannot believe all the running you do! You are my hero, recovering big time from your accident and surgery! I’m sorry to hear you are still slipping though even after the nail cutting. You will just have to be really careful. Maybe they make some sort of foot pads for us dogs – something that you wear around like mom does – she calls her slippers which is kind of funny because it sounds like she would be slipping all around with that name!! But, she doesn’t!

    Plan B sounds like so much fun! And I bet there’s not a lot of slippery stuff on Plan B. I get scared a lot, as you know! So it’s nothing new to me when you say you didn’t fetch a stick that was thrown down a steep valley. I doubt very much I would do that either! How are you doing besides being a little scared of stuff and slipping once in a while? I’m glad to hear the pain pill helps you feel better. That’s good.

    I went on a long car trip last week. It was great! All the kids piled in the back with me giving me lots of attention for hours and hours! We got to the other house – the one that has snow sometimes – there wasn’t much snow, but there was a little bit here and there. I saw mom and dad and all the kids putting on lots and lots of clothes to keep warm so I think they ventured out and found some snow but they did not take me. Mom was relieved there wasn’t a lot of snow right at the house though because she knows how much I love to run around in it and that would not have been a good idea at all given my new results of the x-ray! I still got a lot of walks and a lot of new smells and sights!

    Mom says we have more “family” coming in to visit tonight. Boy, there have been a lot of extra people around lately! I’m not sure what that means, if anything. I know mom is in the kitchen a lot when there are extra people and I get more people food because some of the other people don’t know that mom restricts my people food intake – and I don’t tell them! 🙂

    Have a great weekend and please write me back when your mom isn’t on the computer!

    Your pal,
    DJ – and yes, HC!!

    • DJ,

      Wow, old friend! You are one trooper there. I am SOOO proud of you. I say you did it, you did it! Aren’t you surprised by yourself? Do you know this word “cooperate” or are you just making this up? Either way, you have achieve something very great for us dogs. We’ve shown the doctors that we are not total wusses (my dad uses that word occasionally) when it comes to medical treatments! I’m also so happy that you’re sans-bandage. That means, of course, that you have to be even more careful. But you’ve got to take care of that ulna, and I think that you will do it!! You’ve come a long long long way, my pal. 🙂

      For me, actually DJ, I’m having a bit of a hard time. I don’t know what it is. I just smile and wag my tail, but a few times in the last two weeks my back legs have just completely dropped out and there’s a big BOOM and then my parents come running in to see my hind on the floor. Today it happened and Mom and I know what that means. I can’t tell my parents what the problem is, I can’t tell them whether I am or I am not in pain. My dad is wondering if i need to get tested for Lyme Disease. My dad keeps looking at me and saying ‘Joey’s sleeping a lot” – but am eating heartily and always good for a nice walk. Now he also thinks that when my new doctor increased my pain medication, it’s making a bad side effect which is me being so sleepy and losing control of my muscles. Including, The other night when we were all hanging out in the TV room, I really let out a big bad one, mom and dad were saying “Whew, Joey. What was that?” a whole lot and waving their hands in the air to eliminate the odor, and put me outside in the back. So I think this means a trip to the animal hospital. All I know is that I’m part of the family and I know what this means.

      You sound like you are having a fine time with family, a romp in the snow or not. You know, it’s one thing to expect us not to beg for food or take it off the table; it’s quite another to expect us to refuse it when somebody actually hands it to us!! We had some friends, or maybe family, to our home last week and lots of kids, and it was pretty amazing but nobody fed me any little pieces. Still, what was even better was when we were all outside, being able to sit under the table, in between all their many feet, and just be a part of the good time.

      Will write more, DJ, after this doctor visit, and it’s always good to hear from you. It’s really kind of you to say I’m your hero!!

      Keep on trucking, pal!


  13. Hi Joey!

    Well, yes, I am pretty proud of myself! I actually never thought I would be able to pull off an x-ray without getting that sedation thing done to me! Wouldn’t it just figure, when the whole ordeal is coming to an end, I find my courage!! I may have courage now, but I do not want to be tested like that again! I am glad to put the whole mess behind me and I hope I have learned a lesson about running off! I also hope my family learned a lesson about how scared I get when I hear fireworks! I thought I warned them enough over the years! No one has called me a wuss but if you’ve heard that word then I bet I have too, just can’t remember! Because if anyone is capable of being a “wuss”, it is me, and I know it!

    Now, on to you, my friend. I am not happy to hear about your latest BOOM. Do you know why it is happening? Does it happen to all dogs “of a certain age?” Will it happen to me? You have been such a great dog and so brave and so strong that I’m thinking if this kind of thing happens to you, Joey, it must happen to all great and brave dogs eventually! The good thing is that you’re eating. I know mom always gets concerned if my bowl of food sits too long and I haven’t eaten it. Sometimes I like to just save it for later. Did you go to the doctor and have some tests done? I guess Lyme disease is possible with all the fun time you spend outdoors but have you ever had one of those pesky ticks on you?? And since you’re still eating regularly it might not be Lyme disease. But, your doctor can probably do a test to see and then give you something to make it go away and have you feel better! Wouldn’t that be great!!?

    I saw the suitcases again today! There aren’t as many out this time so I think the whole family may not be going somewhere. I wonder if I am. I haven’t seen mom do much about the suitcases yet so I don’t have any clues, just that they are inside, which always means they are going to get filled up and then go back outside into the car. From the car I never really know where they end up! I will let you know if I go somewhere or if I have to stay home!

    Joey, I will be thinking about you and doing the doggy dance to help you feel better and stronger! And I’m not too good with the doggy dance yet with my own leg troubles! Let me know what the doc says if you go!

    Your pal,

  14. DJ,

    If there’s one thing I know it’s that it’s never too late to impress your family. Boy it was a test for you and also a big test for your parents. You’ve passed, with flying colors, though I wouldn’t recommend flying.

    I’m feeling happy as a bunny these days, though the bunnies have an easier time getting off our property. And no pills in the morning. Think there’s a connection? I’m back to following my mom around day and night, having a vigorous one-man game with my ball, and my mom was particularly proud of me last night when she threw me the ball but I couldn’t find it, and she pointed in its direction and I followed her point to the ball. Think I’m ready to be a working dog yet? HA!! I presume that this is not the last of it, however, and I will write when “the last of it” happens!

    Tell me about the suitcases….. No more computer time for me today….

    Your pal,


  15. Hello Joey!

    I am happy to hear you are back to your old self! I don’t know if bunnies are happy or not but if you say you’re happy as a bunny, then they must be!! I will remember that next time I see one, too! You sound like you have a ton of energy these days!! I must admit, I’m a little jealous by it. With my leg not being fully healed, mom still has me being “quiet” most of the days with just a couple of short walks thrown in. I long for the day I too can have a good one-man game with my ball!! Don’t you just love throwing that all around up in the air and stuff!?

    Well, it was true. The suitcases now have things in them and I can tell mom is getting ready to go with them. I just don’t know where.

    I will write more when I find out….if I find out! Maybe I’m going too! I just don’t know and it’s too soon to say!

    Have a great day and keep on playing!!

    Your pal,


  16. Joey – are you there? I miss you buddy!

    I hope you are doing all right and gettin’ around these days!

    Your pal,


    • DJ,

      Good buddy, it’s good to hear from you. I’ve been missing you, too.

      It’s springtime and I’m not socializing nearly as much as I want to and need to. I have a lot to tell you but I’m not feeling so great at the moment. My mom thinks it’s because I’m dehydrated on this hot and humid day and haven’t eaten my breakfast, even though it’s afternoon. She’s after me!

      So I’ll write later and catch you up when I’m feeling a little more energetic. Hard to type even on these keys right now…. You must be moving around pretty well by now, eh????

      Your pal,


  17. Hey Joey,

    I understand about not feeling up to doing a whole lot. But I do hope you’ve finally eaten your breakfast by now since it’s well past dinner time! I hope it’s just a case of dehydration and you are feeling better now and have had lots of water and some rest. You’re not just playing some joke on your mom are you? She seems too nice to do that to!

    No pressure to get back to me until you’re up to it, old friend!

    And yes, I’m getting around pretty good these days although I’m not sure I’ll ever run like I used to. Time will tell…..

    You take care!!
    Your pal,


    • Hi DJ.

      Yes, thanks, by the time you’d written me, about the time my parents were eating their dinner, I did eat my breakfast. So then, my Mom went to get me some more food; she said, “This is either dinner, or it’s tomorrow’s breakfast. Take your pick.”

      I”m feeling a little better than I was but feeling a bit down. I don’t get to take long walks as much as I’d like to. Today my Mom was outside working in the garden but she kept me on the side inside the fence while she got to go to the side beyond the fence. Unfair, I say. But she is Mom. She also says, “Joey, it’s the humidity.”

      Or maybe I’m feeling so droopy because I didn’t eat last night’s breakfast today.

      Well, tell me about you, DJ. How far did you used to run? How often? Are you running at all, or just still walking?

      Your pal,


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