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I’m hanging around my bed. Mom says, “Joey.  Come, Jo Jo.” I look at her, and she again says, “Jo Jo. Come.”  Is there a reason I want to go there? It’s Mom, that’s a pretty good reason. And she’s calling me. So this time I get up and go there.

I’m interested in the food around her, the smells in the kitchen.

Joey, you’re an old dog.  Old dog.” That’s what she says.  “At least you could go get a ball and play with it. Go get a ball and I’ll throw it to you.”  I’m not interested, not now, at any rate. I’d rather just hang around, just stand around.

Old dog, Joey.  You’re an old dog.

It’s a good thing I don’t know what she’s saying.

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  1. Hi Joey! I’m DJ! Glad my mom found your blog! You see I escaped on New Year’s Eve because I heard fireworks and I am terrified of fireworks!! Are you? I found that the front door wasn’t quite closed and no one saw me slip out. I ran and ran and ran and then ended up getting hit by a car and was found in a little canal, off to the side, where I found a soft area of brush and leaves and stuff. I’m glad someone found me because I couldn’t move my leg any longer. Turns out it was broken in two places and I had surgery that very night! I also have a plate and screws in my leg, just like you did! I have had a blue splint and now a purple one. It has only been one week since my surgery, and I know my mom is worried and she feels like she has to watch me 24/7! I’m glad to know you are up and running (well, walking anyway!) again! I will be 10 yrs old in March so it seems we both got hit by cars when we were 9!! Take care, Joey!!

    • DJ,

      In more than one way am I glad to hear from you, most importantly that you survived, and are doing well enough to write to me!

      Wow, what a story you told and what an experience you had. You were also so lucky that somebody found you along the canal, which I take it was dark, that night. I think you can be encouraged that you will be not only walking but also running – as am I – as long as you follow the doctor’s instructions and have a lot of patience. Yes, your mom is surely worried and does have to watch you 24/7!!

      Do you live in Florida? There are a lot of canals in Florida.

      I’ve never been around fireworks much, but you raise a topic that I think I should deal with in another blog post. There are sounds that frighten us dogs terribly; it’s not that they’re sounds of awful things, but they surely remind us of some things that have been, in the past, bad for our breeds. Yes, look for another blog post when I shall write about that.

      Wishing you a full recovery!


  2. Hey Joey! Wow, time is flying by even though I’m not doing much these days! Mom lets me outside in the backyard so I can lie down in the sun and roll around on the grass. I love that feeling!! Sometimes I just go in my doghouse out there and reflect on my life before this injury. Mom has also been taking me for walks – but they are sooo short! I don’t like it when I sense she is about to turn around and come back home. I try to dig my paws in but she has a way of getting me to do it anyway! I have been getting up on my favorite chair to sleep lately. I know mom doesn’t like it too much but she can see that it’s okay and I’m really happy on it! 🙂 Tomorrow I go for my second bandage/splint change. Mom is taking me to my regular vet instead of the emergency place that I had the surgery. She says they are very, very expensive and my vet wants to see me anyway! Last bandage change they had to sedate me again because I guess I wouldn’t settle down enough for them. Maybe if my mom had been with me I would have but they just took me back and started in on it. I was pretty out of it after that all through the rest of the day and night. Mom’s going to give me a pill tomorrow 2 hours before I have my appt. and see if that won’t calm my nerves and allow the docs and nurses to do what they need to do. Plus, they said mom can come back there with me! Yay! How are you doing Joey? I see you clarified that you are indeed “running!” That is a good thing and I can’t wait for that day! Do you still have your plate and pins in your leg? The doc said I will keep mine in unless they start giving me problems. I wonder what color my splint will be wrapped in tomorrow……I will let you know! That’s the highlight of the visit for me! The rest of it I could do without! Well, I gotta go pick up the pill now that mom will give me tomorrow. Have a great day Joey!!

    • DJ,

      You have a doghouse? My parents tried to get me in one at some point and – no way! Tell me about it. So you’ve been getting up on your favorite chair? Well, are you going to tell the doctor about that??? I think my Mom knows exactly what you mean about the regular vet being more affordable. The only thing is that the regular vet may not have all the beautiful colors of bandages, so you’ll have to swallow that one pleasure. And yes, your vet is right on about seeing you anyway, since your vet will be doing your follow-up care for a long time. For example, just last year I started losing weight, and my doctor was concerned. Then I had a dental exam, and she noticed that one tooth was a bit cracked. She was so smart and put one and one together, and realized that the reason for the loss of appetite was the cracked tooth, and that this went all the way back to being hit by the car. So your Mom’s totally on the right track.

      Just this morning Dad took me running! He won’t take me any more on the long runs, but only on the short ones. Yes, those plates and pins will be in there as long as I’m kicking. My mom has to be careful when she dries my paws, when she gets to that injured one. She’s sure it still hurts a bit – at least when she applies any pressure to the area – because when she holds that paw to clean my pads, I pull back a bit.

      Oh, do tell me what color bandages you get!! Good luck tomorrow; don’t throw up the pill like I usually do!!!

      Your pal,


  3. Oh me again…..I just saw where you asked if I lived in Florida. Nope. California! It’s not a real canal, just a little water that flows alongside the freeways around here. It goes on for miles and miles. Sure am glad my mom’s friend found me there! I was trying to tell everyone where I was but they probably didn’t hear me and I could move my leg to go find them! Where do you live?

    • Hello, DJ!

      Good to hear from you again. I’ve been starving to play with other dogs ever since the weather turned very very cold here. Mom hasn’t taken me on any of those golden trips to the off-lead woods, so I have to be happy with what I can get. And I am pretty happy with what I can get, but I really wouldn’t mind a good romp now and then. So, getting back to the thread of this letter, it’s great to hear from you and this is an imnportant interaction for me, so thank you.

      Real canals in California? Wow. There is some energy that goes on between missing dogs and the people who love them, an energy that seems to lead people right to where puppy is. My mom has a story about this but this is my comment, so she will have to wait her turn.

      We live near Boston, DJ.

  4. Hi Joey, Can I ask you a real quick question then I promise to write more after I get my cast changed today. Did you have to take the “calm down pill” before your bandage/splint changes?? I feel like a whimp but I get myself all worked up. Normally, I’m a really mellow guy!
    Okay, I will write more this afternoon!
    Stay warm in Boston!!

    • DJ,

      No, I didn’t have to take the “calm down” pill. I think this is what my doctors would ask my parents, if they needed to “knock” me out, both when I was getting my splint changed and also when I was having xrays taken. I never needed to be knocked out and I never needed to take a “calm down pill”.

      When you’re getting your splint changed, your leg will get cool when they clean and disinfect it from the cool liquid, and that was a bit distressing for me, as it might be for you. But really, it’s cool.

      There’s nothing to get worked up over, but you have to really believe that. If your mom can just keep stroking you and saying “good boy” it might help.

      Good luck!


  5. Wow Joey, you are brave! I don’t know why I get all worked up once I get into the vet’s office. Guess I’m just scared I’m going to be left there or something. I can’t really explain it. My mom decided to give me just 1/2 the 25mg pill today. The vet called last her last night and said that would be okay if mom was worried about it. I may not even feel the effects of 1/2 but we shall see! I will get it at 1:00pm before my 2:45pm appt. I will let you know how it all goes! Maybe I won’t have to take the pill everytime I do this bandage change! That would be really nice. I will try to get more courage in the next weeks!

    I know what you mean about wanting to play with a friend! You will get to though when it gets warmer! Your mom sounds nice and just wants you to be safe and comfortable during the colder days! You are so lucky you got to go on a run with your dad! Mom took me out yesterday for a short walk and we saw my friend getting a walk too. Mom wouldn’t even let me walk near her though!! She was afraid I would get too excited. And I probably would!

    Wow, I was shocked to hear about your broken tooth! I guess they were all so worried about your leg they didn’t feel the need to check your teeth! Or maybe didn’t see it if they did. I think I’ll have my mom check MY mouth and teeth now!

    Wish me luck Joey!!


    • Good luck, DJ!
      And be brave! Remember, bravery is our signature! Through wind and snow and …. changing our splints…..

      p.s. The doctors at the emergency hospital did take out three of my teeth that were totally shot, but this one was only partially cracked at the time. Over the 3 years since I was hit by the car, the crack has been increasing little by little, imperceptibly to me, as I’ve been chomping on my food. So it finally just hit the point where it caused me pain and to eat less* food, and our good doctors were there to discover why (since you can be sure I wasn’t going to be telling them).

      * Clearly making exceptions to anything my parents feed me from their regular menu, like chicken, and so on….

  6. Hi Joey,
    Ohhh, boy, that was NOT fun! Mom gave me the 1/2 pill and I’m not sure I felt too different to be honest. Got to the vet and my nerves started in on me again. I won’t bore you with all the details but suffice it to say, it took my mom and another vet tech to hold me down and another vet to do the changing of everything on my leg. I really did not like the whole procedure at all! In fact, they had to give me a shot of something to calm me down even more! But, the good news is I’m healing well and I don’t have to get this thing changed for 2 weeks! And they wrapped it in some cool camo print bandage! I look a lot more brave than I really am!! Boy, am I big time drowsy now — now that all the excitement and fear are gone!

    What have you been doing? Did you go out today or is it too cold? It started to rain here so good thing mom brought the rain boot for my leg with us to the vet!

    Aren’t we lucky to have moms and dads that give us some good human food once in a while? 🙂 Sounds like you like chicken! Me too! And meat and pasta and cheese and ……..

    I think I will dream about people food now for a while…..zzzzzz

    Thanks for all your support, Joey!!


    • Hi DJ.

      Well, Camo print? Wow. Looks like at least you have your image covered! We will have to talk more about your attitude, though.

      Actually, with me I also needed two to hold me down,and one doctor to change the splint, clean my wound, so you’re in the ballpark there. Was it one person holding my back legs and one my front and the doctor, or one holding and petting my front and one my head and the doctor? Let’s hope it’s another two weeks before you have to go back. That was my mom’s hope and it didn’t quite work out like that. Beware of any itching, or any interest in treating your bandages as if they were edible.

      Will write more tomorrow; I’m pretty tired now and need to get some good zzzzs too. Dad didn’t take me running this morning so hopefully tomorrow.



  7. Hi Joey, I haven’t felt much like writing or doing anything else, really. Mom heard me up and about last night — well, actually early this morning, about 3:00am and she came downstairs and caught me chewing my brand new camo cast! I may have heard her cry a little, I’m not sure. After all we went through together yesterday I guess I don’t blame her. She stayed downstairs with me the rest of the night and put a sock over my cast and also the collar! I hate the collar! I was still REALLY drugged up from that pill, which mom won’t ever give me again, and I just couldn’t settle down or get comfortable or do anything with myself! The collar didn’t help at all. Did you wear the collar, Joey? And I can tell by your last writing that maybe you did chew a little on your bandages too! What else are we supposed to do with those things!!? Mom had to call the vet when they opened this morning and tell them what I’d done. I felt very ashamed and I was SO scared they were going to make me have another “calm down” pill or injection. I couldn’t imagine how I would ever get through it again. I know mom didn’t know how she would either! My nice vet said it would probably due to just rewrap the bottom part (near my paw) that I managed to chew. I guess I made it really sore from all the chewing because I do not like anyone near it or touching it now. I have to go back on Thursday and they will look at it again. I really need to just leave it alone! And so much for the cool camo — mom has put a big black sock over it! She cut the bottom off though so my paw can breathe a bit. I’m still very tired today and kind of lethargic. It has started raining so I haven’t gone out much and that’s probably adding to my overall laziness! Oh, I did get some more antibiotics. The vet thought one little spot looked “suspicious” when I was all unwrapped yesterday so to be on the safe side, I have to take these for another week. It’s okay though because mom wraps it up in peanut butter and ham! 🙂 What are your favorite treats? I have been chewing on a big bone today. I’m sure mom gave it to me so I wouldn’t chew on other things!!

    Will your dad take you running tomorrow? Do you want to go? That’s a dumb question! I hope he takes you and if he does, tell me all about it so it can motivate me to get better and back on all 4’s!!

    Good night, Joey!


    • DJ,

      OH BOY. I’m going to have to sit down with you and your mom and explain a lot of things!! Maybe set you both straight! But seriously, right now my Mom wants to use the computer, so I can’t, but later. Maybe in the meanwhile your mom, if she has the energy, can read my Chapter 2 – 7 ? and try to count the number of times that my Mom (and occasionally my Dad) went back and forth to the vet’s!

      I started a new blog post so you can also write onto that one. You inspired me!

      I hope you sleep well, DJ. And I hope your Mom does, too. Sounds like she needs it more than you do!

      Your pal,

      BTW We had a lot of snow today so I got to go out in the snow three times!!

    • Hi DJ.

      I hope you and your mom survived through the weekend. You are going to really appreciate her by the time you are healed, if you didn’t already.

      How are you doing today?

      When I was chewing on the one collar, they got me an even larger one. So beware, DJ. I’m already a large dog, and my last and final collar was the largest one made. So if that wasn’t going to stop me, then nothing was! How about you?

      Now to answer a few of your questions: My mom initially wrapped up my treats in challah, my favorite type of bread, but then I started to get greedy and swipe it off of the kitchen counter, and that ended that. Also, DJ, I don’t get to eat bones because when I do, my stool gets really loose. At least I could say it’s better to have been able to chew on some really great bones, and lost that privilege, than to never have been able to chew on some really great bones at all. My Dad isn’t running me the last few days because I slipped and fell the other day, for the first time, and my parents are worried about my arthritis getting worse. I was standing on my hind legs giving my Dad a kiss, when I suddenly lost control of my hind leg and went THUMP. they tried to get me to kiss Dad again, but I wouldn’t. Then they moved me over to a carpeted area so my hinds would have more traction and little by little I got up my nerve again. But no running yesterday or today. I’m pretty dependent on them in this sense.

      Catch you later, maybe on the new post. I’d be interested to know your comments and response to that one.

      Your pal,


  8. Hi Joey!

    I won’t write too much here and then I will read your mom’s new post and write some over there! I have my other owners home today too! Mom says it’s pretty busy today with all the kids home from school. Usually Mondays are for mom and me to get back down to our routine after the weekend’s activities.

    I have avoided the collar but mom is putting my “medipaw” on all night or whenever she’s not around to watch me! It’s the same one I wear when I go outside. She just has to be sure it’s nice and dry. It’s not much fun to lick it or anything so when that is on I pretty much have to leave things alone!

    Joey, I never swipe things off the counters! You are brave to do that! Bet you have landed yourself lots of extra treats that way — and also landed yourself in some hot water too! My mom wouldn’t like that either! That is a bummer about the bones but like you said, at least you experienced it!

    Wow, I am sad to hear of your back leg, Joey! You must have put just a little too much pressure on that side! You know we have to do a real balancing act with all of our legs! How are you today? You may have to start with some walks and see if you can work up to runs again. You are pretty much my hero for all you do these days after coming through surgery a few years ago. I hope I’m as good as you are when I’m almost 13 yrs old like you are, Joey!

    Mom has to make breakfast, do laundry, make beds, etc. etc. Boy, sure I hope she makes some time to take me out soon!!

    Rest up Joey and take care of yourself! I know your mom will!


    PS You are so lucky to have snow!! I love the snow but hardly ever get to see it or feel it!

    • DJ,
      My mom is a little concerned about the Medipaw being on you for too long because any moisture inside won’t be able to get out and this could cause its own set of problems so she is just saying that although she is not a doctor could your mom just ask the vet about that and she thanks you a whole lot!

      I hope you are feeling energetic today but not so energized that you are eating your sock.

      Your pal,

  9. Hi Joey,

    I know what you mean about the Medipaw! It’s been fine though. Mom was paranoid (did she really need to be!!?) after the first night when she awoke to my chewing my new splint so she slapped it on for the next couple of nights! I don’t like to lick or chew on that and she put it on really loose so lots of air could still get in there. I’m sure if I really wanted to I could have pulled that off and got chewing on the splint again! I knew that would upset mom so I didn’t. I don’t wear it all night long anymore….but if she catches me again, I’m afraid it may never come off!! And yes, I heard her telling the vet all about it! I go back to them Thursday for a splint recheck. They also call me daily to see how I’m doing with everything! I feel very special to have so many people checking up on me!! And I love having you check on me too, Joey! I hope you are doing well and maybe got to run today! I only went out a few times but not for very long or very far. I really do like to curl up and just be mellow and warm and near my family. 🙂

    My mom has to go to her own physical therapy in the morning, which means a car ride for me! I still like to be out on the road…….in a car, with my mom.

    Your friend,

    • Good afternoon, DJ, although from the way I’ve been just sulking or old dog tired, lying on my bed in the dining room curled up in a little ball in the middle of the day, not even following my mom upstairs to where she is working, my mom can’t figure out which it is, sulking or old dog tired, that is. If she offered to take me outside like this morning when we took a brisk walk to the pond and back, or for a ride, like yesterday when she took me with her to do her work, she’d see a new me in a flash.

      I hope you and your mom are feeling better, physical therapy all around. Yeah, my Dad too, and he gets into strange positions on the floor that he says is physical therapy though when I was doing my physical therapy, I was just swimming and having a good time.

      I’m glad you’re all checked out with the MediPaw and good luck tomorrow at your bandage change. Maybe we’ll see some attitude change with you!! And maybe not. Certainly some attitude change with your mom: She’ll be getting warn out from, and really tired of, all this pretty soon!!

      BTW, DJ, no question is a stupid question. So ask away. You ask if my Dad is taking me running. Yes, he did take me yesterday morning, but not this morning. Last night he told my mom how when I was younger on the last half mile I would run ahead of him to our home and wait there for him to catch up, and now he is ahead of me and I’m walking the last part down the block by myself. I don’t remember what he’s talking about but I’m still happy to be walking and outside and OFF LEAD!!! OFF LEAD anywhere, any day, rules.

      Your pal,


  10. Hi Joey!
    I’m hoping this note will cheer you up! I know about those days though when it just feels right to curl up and be lazy! Don’t our moms know that we need those days once in a while? It is funny though when I do that, all I have to hear is the word “walk” or “car” or “treat” and I’m up in a flash with my most enthusiastic self! Sounds like you are the same way!

    Your walks sound really nice with ponds and everything. And you mention “off lead” a lot and that’s something I don’t get too much around here! Too many dogs walking at any given time and mom thinks I can’t handle staying close to her if I see one of my friends, or a squirrel for that matter! She’s right when it comes to squirrels!

    Mom took me to get my bandages and splints checked yesterday. I started to get all worked up again inside the vet’s waiting room. Really, it was for no reason at all, but I couldn’t help myself! I noticed another big dog looking at me like I was crazy! I can make some sounds that are reserved for vet’s offices only! Anyway, Lonnie, my personal vet tech, came out and checked my cast and had a big smile and said it looked great! My mom was also very proud of herself for keeping it so clean and dry. I will go back Wednesday for the full change. I’m pretty sure I heard mom and Lonnie talking about sedation again! Oh well, anything’s better than that “calm down” pill I had last week!

    Joey, you are really a cool older dog. I can say that to you, right? And you won’t get mad at the word old will you? You’re just older than me but that doesn’t mean you’re really old old! I hope I can be back to doing the things I used to do and the things that YOU are doing now! You have given me and my mom lots of hope and lots to look forward to!

    Have a great day!


    • DJ,
      I am so glad your bandage change was successful. It even seems that you progressed from the last visit because I didn’t see that you needed to be given any relaxation aids – at least not this time. Am I correct?

      I will keep this short. Yesterday my mom packed up the car with whatever – including my bed and my bowls and my food and more and more – and got me into the car and we drove and drove and now I am here – wherever here is – and there are many other people and dogs and I am having a wonderful time wherever I am and whoever these people are. So all these people are keeping me busy. Keeping my mom busy too because whenever she isnt paying attention to me I run off and we play hide and go seek.

      If you want to be off-lead more often, see if you can get your mom to take you out at 4:45 in the morning (a little secret here and I will never tell her). Do you think you can do that?

      So getting back on track, I am glad that I can give you hope ( and maybe hope to go off lead). And glad too that your mom is wearing so many hats including e.m.s. and medic.

      Have a nice weekend!

      Your pal,


  11. Hi Joey,

    Sounds like you’ve been on an adventure! You are so lucky! Did you meet any new friends? I bet you had a great time, wherever it was that you were!

    No, I didn’t not get my bandage changed, just inspected. Lonnie, the vet tech just looked at it to make sure all was well, since I had chewed the one night. She did put her finger around the inside by my toes and I didn’t like that much but she smiled and said it’s all good, DJ, which made me feel better. This Wednesday is when I get it completely changed. I heard Lonnie say something about maybe being able to make the splint a little shorter – that would be so great! It’s been 4 weeks today since my surgery! I also heard Lonnie tell mom to drop me off at 8:00am and they would sedate me and mom could come get me later on that morning. I’m just glad mom didn’t mention the “calm down” pill, because I really hated that! They talked about having the same stuff I did at the emergency vet. That stuff was all right by me. Seems I was back to normal pretty quickly because they reverse the medicine after they’re all finished with me.

    Mom’s got a lot of kids coming over later – something she’s calling a “pasta feed.” She tells me I may have to stay in the garage or the office so I don’t get too excited. There will be a lot of girls wanting to pet me and tell me how sorry they are for my leg and everything. I hope mom lets me stay out where they are because that sounds like a good time to me! 🙂 And possibly I could get some pasta too!

    Let me know how you’re doing Joey and what kinds of runs and walks you’ve been on lately. Oh, I saw a squirrel out my window today and I really wanted to go chase him! Mom wouldn’t even let me outside until he was long gone.

    Have a great day!


    • DJ,

      Hello! Sounds like you’re doing pretty well there; I feel your anxiety about the pasta party, wondering if you’re going to have that lucky day and get pet and pitied by all the girls and even score some pasta. Hope is a wonderful thing. And let-down is really a bummer. But when all is said and done, at the end of the day, we know we’re pretty lucky, and we have it pretty good, right?

      Has it been one whole month since your surgery? Well you must be getting pretty used to being pampered, unless you are also getting used to being prodded and poked. But it sounds like you’re doing pretty well with all of that at this point. A shorter bandage would be a thing of gold; it would be cooler and safer from infection so be nice to your doctors and maybe they’ll oblige.

      Yes, I did have a wonderful time. I’d never had any time quite like it, so you’re never too old to have new experiences. Just remember that. There were many more children than I’ve almost ever seen before, and they just loved me, and some of them let me lick their faces, and they pet me and really got the gigglies, which just encouraged me to lick their faces even more, and there were lots of crumbs and stuff on the floor day and night! I only calmed down when my Mom brought me into her room, closed the door, and said, “Go to sleep, Joey”. Other than that, I was like wildfire, and even chewed through my lead at one point. Some of the adults said to my mom, “Is he hyper?” I had a few interesting walks because in this place mostly everything is off-lead. So my mom took me on a few cool – literally – walks in the snow, in some parks on some trails, and I knew just where to go and what to follow. One was very icy, and Mom was concerned about that because I kept slipping and sliding, and a few times lost my footing entirely, but I kept trekking on. So last night when I got back home, my Dad gave me my pain pill, which I take every 3 days when my arthritis kicks in. Today I felt pretty good. I had a pretty good sleep last night; as much fun as I had, it was really nice to be back home with my parents. Boy, it sure was – and is – quiet in comparison.

      So, BJ, I’ll be anxious to hear how you measured up on Wednesday!

      Your pal,


  12. Hi Joey!

    Sorry it’s been a while! Mom seems really busy lately and preoccupied with “people stuff.” She has been making time for me but not nearly as much as I’m used to! I hope she gets the people stuff figured out soon so I can move back into the number one position during the day!

    You really had a great time with all those kids! I can only imagine! Kids love me too! I wonder why kids play with us more than adults do….hmmm… I was worried when you said you slipped on the snow but it sounds like you just got right back up and were a real trooper! And I know what you mean about it being nice to be back home. As much fun as new experiences are, I like my familiar ground and smells just as well!

    I got my new cast last Wednesday. It went……okay…This time mom dropped me off in the morning and left me there! That freaked me out a little but in no time at all I was off in la-la-land having some good dreams. When I woke up I had a new brown camo cast on! And my toe nails were all clipped too! 🙂 I stumbled around most of that afternoon once I got home. Mom was not thrilled with having to sedate me (again) but I heard her tell several people it was much better than giving me the “calm down” pill. I think she threw those in the trash – I sure hope she did! Oh, and this time my toes are all covered up! The doctor told my mom that there had been some moisture in my toe area so she really had to scrub my feet and toes and put some drying powder in between them – she also blow dried my leg! I am really glad I wasn’t awake for that!! Mom was worried about the toes being all closed up but the doctor told her, no, don’t worry. It’s fine. So mom doesn’t worry now. I am going tomorrow for another visual check. Those are really easy because Lonnie just comes out and feels my case and sticks her finger around the top part and the bottom part. Guess she won’t be able to get her fingers in the bottom part this time though! Then next week I will get x-rays and either another cast or maybe just a splint, I’m not really sure. I will have to be sedated again for that whole procedure – hopefully the last time! I really want to go out and run, run, run! I have a feeling my leg is going to look pretty funny (and skinny!) when the cast comes off! Do you remember that day Joey? When your cast came off? Did it feel weird to put your paws down after having them wrapped up for so long?

    Well, I hope you are doing well today. Let me know if you got a walk or a run today! I hope I at least get a short walk.

    Talk to you soon,

    Your pal,

    • Hi DJ.

      Glad to hear from you! I need some spice in my life. Not that my parents don’t do what they can, but I have an insatiable appetite for spice. And I think you may understand exactly what I mean: I’m glad to know that you’re doing your best to move back into the #1 position.

      Didn’t you just love the blow dryer? That in and of itself should be reason for you to love going to the vet’s, untainted, in order to enjoy the experience. I suppose every place is different; one of our dog friends, Lucas, had his splint and bandages all closed up and my mom was worried, but it turns out that because Lucas live(d) in Florida, the vet was concerned about sand getting in and causing irritation. So hopefully these vets know what they’re doing. This drying powder seems very interesting.

      I had my splint removed 10 weeks after my surgery, which was 12 weeks after I was hit by the car. Do I remember the day? Well, I wrote about it, so it’s recorded. I did feel the difference immediately. I was also unsteady on my feet, so be careful there, little buddy! After the splint came off, my doctor wanted to restrict my movements even more, since my leg muscles would have to build themselves up a bit. So during this period of time, I had to be on the lead going up and down the stairs. Life was crazy. I never knew what to expect from one day to the next. So be ready, little buddy, for just about anything!! You think life changes from day to day now????

      Regarding me, my hind legs slipped a few more times going up the stairs, usually when I’m at the bottom step starting out. I think my parents have a surprise coming for me. At the same time, yes, Dad took me running this morning, but since he noticed me slipping, he’s not running me as often. Dum-di-dum-dum…… As soon as my surprise arrives, I’ll post about it.

      Good luck with your visual check (and see if you can urge your mom to get out the blow dryer again, if she can take the time away from her people stuff) …..

      Your pal,


  13. Well, looks like I’m not getting #1 position today and no, didn’t even get a short walk! I guess there’s always dad! Maybe he’ll take me when he gets home from work! Mom tells him and all the kids around here that she can’t do it all, all the time! What does that mean I wonder…

    Joey, do you think I LIKE the blow dryer on me?? I don’t think I do! Mom doesn’t ever put it on me because I have short hair so I dry really fast after my baths. But when I got my cast changed the vet told my mom that she used it on my leg after she scrubbed it up good! I was glad I was knocked out because that probably would have made me very nervous and edgy! And I will let you know how the drying powder worked out when they change my cast again next week. I’m feeling pretty energetic these days but I sure would like this thing off my leg!!

    Wow, 10 weeks you had your leg covered!? I guess the splint has to go on after the cast comes off, is that right? I heard mom talking to the vet about that but didn’t pay too much attention. I can only imagine how unsteady you must have felt after being splinted/casted so long. I know I will feel the same way and I will be careful, just like you advise! I haven’t even tried to go up the stairs since I got hurt. Maybe I won’t ever want to again. I used to like to go up there and curl up in one of the kids’ rooms but I haven’t done that for a long time now. Thanks for preparing me for what’s to come! I’m sure I will still be in for a big surprise!

    You be careful going up those stairs! I’m excited that you have a surprise coming! I can’t wait to hear all about it! Please tell me as soon as you get it!! Maybe it’s something that will help you go up the stairs?? Do you have any ideas? Will your mom give you a clue?

    I will write you Wednesday after my visual checkup!

    Take care Joey!!

    Your friend,


    • DJ,
      Oh boo. No #1? Sometimes we dont get enough recognition for being man’s best friend. 🙁 Hopefully you will get that 2nd walk with your dad tonight.

      DJ, do you have a splint or a cast? I never got a cast, although at one time my mom thought that I had one. And I think the doctors prefer a splint because it flexes more but clearly not a whole lot. We are not talking taffy here. The splint is so wrapped up in so many layers of bandages that you can think it’s a cast. And then they removed the splint, they still kept my leg bandaged up for maybe even a month.

      Were your toes broken at all? Mine were, when the car ran over my foot.

      Gee. I hope you don’t have to be wrapped up for as long as I did but then again I never expected any of this. But the again if I had, would it have made a difference in my behavior? Would it have made a difference in yours?

      I really don’t understand why we can’t be #1 all the time. I see my mom, she doesn’t look to me like she’s doing anything important, certainly not anything she can’t drop in order to take me out for a walk.

      Your pal,


  14. DJ,
    The comment got sent to my personal email! How do you like that! Here it is, below, and I’ll write in a little while. My mom is not acquiescing to my needs or wants right now. 🙁

    Hi Joey!

    I did get that second walk! Yippee!! I have been rarin’ to go lately and mom and dad really have to hold my leash tightly so I don’t go running off, which is what I’d like to do! Get a nice good run! I can’t wait until the day I can do that!

    Thank you for explaining the splint. I’m pretty sure they call what I have on a cast. It is in two parts though so they can easily take it off and put it back on. I even saw where they labeled it “front bottom” and “back top” – at least that’s what I thought it said.

    I did read about your surgery! It sounds like we had different issues on our legs for sure. Youch on the broken toes!! I have heard that is very painful for us dogs! And people too, because when my mom stubs her own toe she really lets out a scream! My leg was broken in two places so I have the plate and screws in there. They will stay in there as long as they don’t give me any problem. It doesn’t sound like you have that and that’s probably a good thing! Although the doctor said that this is a great fix for my problem.

    I went yesterday for my cast check. Just a visual. I think Lonnie just likes to see me every week! I let out a couple of howls (yes, real howls!) like I have NEVER done before! I don’t even know where it came from! Everyone at the vet’s office laughed so then I felt embarrassed! Lonnie said my cast looked great! She was so proud of me for not licking or chewing and leaving everything just the way it should be! Next Tuesday I will get the whole thing changed again, fresh bandages and all. Lonnie said if all looks good she will leave my toes exposed this time. I really don’t care one way or another. Mom has to leave on Thursday to take care of some human business in Arizona. They wanted to be sure my cast was changed while mom was home which I think is a great idea. Mom takes the best care of me and knows what to do when I’m all sedated and stuff. I will be x-rayed 2 weeks after my next cast change and then hopefully go to the splint/soft bandage. That will be on for a while too, so yes, I will end up being bandaged up as long as you were! I bet it seems like a dream to you now – and hopefully you are forgetting all about it! Certainly sounds like you are with all your excursions, runs, and now……..awaiting a big surprise! Do keep me posted on that!

    Have a great day!

    Your Pal,

    • DJ,

      My mom’s much more the tekkie than I am and she thinks that this was sent to my personal email because it didn’t fit into this particular blog post…. Maybe because it’s hit its limit on the number of comments it can accept? She’s not sure, but she thinks we should start writing on a different post and see if that helps. So we can write on “Old Dog” or maybe “dogs who are afraid of veterinarians” or on the new post when I get my surprise!!!

      It sounds like you’ve got a good thing going with Lonnie. Maybe you have an acting career in the making with all your special effects??? I wish I’d heard that one!!! And I’m glad we got that cast/splint thing settled.

      Speaking of Arizona, are you coming to our neighborhood? There is a dog who lives down the block whose name is – you guessed it – Arizona!!! If you want to write while your Mom’s away that’s very cool.

      Your pal,


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