Oct 242010

I often hear people asking my mom, “Come on, who’s really writing the blog?  You (referring to my mom) are writing the blog, right?”

Now of course my mom answers, “Joey’s writing the blog.”

And why couldn’t a dog write a blog?  Why do people ask my mom this question?

The bottom line (and I know a lot about that) is that this blog reflects my point of view. Right? And nobody  knows my point of view better than me.

So when people ask my mom that silly question, I just keep quiet.

I ask you, “Can a dog write a blog?”

Reflection and Contemplation a Necessary Part of Creative Writing

  6 Responses to “can a dog write a blog?”

  1. Yes, Joey a dog can write a blog only if he shares his ideas with his Mum so that she can put his ideas into black and white.

  2. hahahahahaha
    so funny images

  3. Wow! Is he playing World of Warcraft? 🙂

    • Am I playing this? No. I like peaceful and happy things. I like laughter and song. My father, by the way, was British.

  4. joey the smart dog 🙂

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