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Many children are afraid of us dogs.  Many children love us dogs! And many children are afraid of us dogs but want to love us. They want to get close to us and not get close to us.Cold Spring_0007

Waiting alone, for my mom, outside a school

Waiting alone, for my mom, outside a school


Sometimes my mom and I take a walk to the school.  She leaves me alone outside the building while she goes inside.  For a while, I’m alone but I know she’ll come get me soon.


Then the children come by!





here come some children!

here come some children!


These are good times when the children come by.  They love to pet me.  They know my name. My mom says that when they see her and they don’t see me, they ask, “Where’s Joey?”  They ask “Why isn’t Joey with you?”

Then they tell her to say “Hello” to me, and she comes home and says “Ariel says hello!” or names one of the other children who have become my friends.

Maybe you would like to tell a little about why children love us dogs!  Please comment below!

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  1. Joey, We were so upset when you got hurt. We were even with you at your house when your mom had to take you back to the hospital to get some bleeding checked out. We enjoyed seeing you get better over time and are so glad that you are all healed now. We look forward to seeiing you , your mom and your dad soon. Love Beth

    • Beth,

      Thank you for writing to me!

      I don’t really remember that day but I always remember good friends!

      I’m happy to be all healed, happier than ever! I hope to see you again soon!

      Your pal,


  2. Hi Joey,
    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Our mommy reads us your blog for our bedtime story.
    We have a cat at home and didn’t really like dogs so much before. But we like reading about your experiences. We also like the videos about the firefighting dogs.

    We understand and like dogs much more now.
    Take care of yourself.
    Leah and Shlomo Brightly

    • Leah and Shlomo,

      Thank you for writing to me! And I’m very happy that you like my bedtime stories! You live very far away. When you are going to bed, I am probably having my breakfast!

      You have a cat? I love cats. And I am also happy that you like dogs more now than you did before.

      I’m also happy that you like the firefighting dogs’ videos. I would like to meet a Dalmatian some day, especially now that I have met firefighting dogs! I don’t think that I would like riding on top of one of those trucks, however. I also don’t like to run alongside trucks. So I guess it’s a good thing that that’s not my job.

      Take care of yourselves, too, and of your cat!

      Your pal,


  3. Hi Joey:
    This is my first time writing to a dog, but I was upset to hear you were hurt and wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you!
    I think it’s interesting that kids like dogs. When I was a kid, I would always beg my parents to buy me one, even though I was somewhat afraid of some of your relatives that I met on the street. I suppose that I must have felt I wouldn’t be afraid of a dog that I was taking care of. Of course my mom probably felt that she’d be the one taking care of it.
    I also have to thank you, because I’ve never written to a blog before either, and this is giving me the confidence to not only write to other blogs, but to start me own blog as well!! So thanks again and take care.

    • Hi Michael.

      First time dog-writer? You picked a good dog to write to for your first time! Thank you for telling your story about dogs, and when you were a kid.

      I wonder if you ever got that dog! I hope you no longer have a fear of dogs; you certainly have gotten over your fear of writing to dogs!

      I know some children who were very much afraid of me – and then their parents bought them little dogs, and they are no longer afraid of me!

      Good luck to you and your future blog! If you want some help, I’ll be happy to do what I can.

      Your pal,


  4. Joey,

    I’m going to make you a friend in New Jersey. The only dogs he pets are stuffed ones because he’s just a 4 year old boy living in an apartment with no friends and with no friends who have dogs. His name is Bentzi and he’s my grandson. He’s going to be following your busy lifestyle on his Daddy’s computer, and now he’s learning to read it won’t be long before you start getting messages from him.

    Stay cosy

    • Lewis,

      Oh you understand me just perfectly! I really love making children laugh! He can look at the pictures too. And reading my story and writing to me, and I can write back, this will be wonderful!

      My mom tells me this story: The first time my mom saw a Labrador Retriever, she asked his owner “What kind of dog is this?” and the owner answered “A Labrador Retriever. They are very friendly and very good with children.” So, Lewis, your grandson and I will make good pen pals!

      Thank you Lewis, and I will stay as cozy as I can. Does that mean that I now have permission to get up onto my parents’ bed at night??

      Your pal,


  5. Joey,
    We are glad that you are recovering.
    We can’t wait to see your interview in the newspaper.
    We so enjoyed spending time with you last year at your house. You were so well-behaved.
    Please try to stay in your yard! It is much safer!


    • Lisa,

      Thank you for writing on my blog! I am recovering – though I can’t remember being injured. Actually, my parents rub their fingers over my toe pad on my injured foot, where I had the broken toes and broken ankle, to massage my feet and legs and I will pull my foot away. Something about that doesn’t feel right.

      And I can’t run for much more than 20 minutes now, when I used to run for an hour. But I’m not complaining!

      Life is still wonderful and full and my parents give me so many opportunities to do what I do best: Be a dog!

      Love to you too!

      Your pal,

      p.s. I hope that my parents are reading your comment and notice that you say that I was “well-behaved”.

  6. Dear Joey,
    You are lucky that your mom loves you. I was lucky too. I am in dog’s heaven now. I miss my mom and my family.
    I was hit by a landscape truck and I was not that lucky. My mom saw what happened. She wished that she was a superwoman so that she can turn the earth (time) back for one minute and it just like in the superman movie.
    It has been 11 years and my mom still miss me and she crys every time when she thinks about me. I want to tell her that I am fine.
    Joey, enjoy evry moment of time with your mom. Life is so short and be happy and don’t worry. Love, Cherri

    • Cherri,

      I hear that your mom’s heart broke when she lost you. I don’t have a very good sense of time, because I think you are talking about your mom’s heart, and I know that hearts can be so full of love that time doesn’t matter. I don’t remember being hit by the car (although I’m sometimes more nervous around loud cars) but my parents remember things that I do not recall, and so I know that mom still aches. The woman in my neighborhood who saw me get hit was agonizing for days, she couldn’t sleep at night, until she learned that I was okay. Your mom can write to me if she wants. Maybe I can help her to understand that you are fine. I would be happy to make her my friend, too.

      What is your mom’s name? I think she was very lucky to a loving dog. You also understand that the hands of time move in one direction, but that understanding and the ability to learn is forever.

      Mom will remember her pup, and I am sure she will heal, and her heart will remain full of love.

      Your pal,


  7. Dear Joey,

    How are you? I forgot to ask you that do you know where is my sister, Tess? My mom adopted her a year after I went to dog’s heaven. Tess is a noddy girl and she has a separation anxiety. My mom loves her untile she has the health issue two years ago. She sent Tess back to the place where she adopted her. Now my mom retired early and she is fine now. She wants to know how is Tess and would like to know where is Tess. She is willing to take care Tess FREE when her new family goes to vacation.

    Take care, Cherri

    • Cherri,

      Thanks for asking about me! I’m fine! I’m enjoying making new friends.

      While my mom or dad walk me along the roads and streets of our neighborhoods, and when they take me to the dog parks, we meet a lot of very nice and well-behaved dogs. Usually my mom or dad starts to the dog’s mom or dad and, “What’s your dog’s name?” Or sometimes my mom asks the dog directly, “What’s your name”? Mom mom doesn’t seem to know that the dog will not answer. It’s usually the mom or dad who answers. My parents don’t recall meeting a dog named Tess.

      So let me answer the other question: At the animal hospital where I stayed when I was hit by the car, I was comforted by “volunteers” or something like that. They came to visit us dogs when we were injured and healing. They comforted us. I know that dogs who are injured will be very happy to receive the friendship and comfort of people like your mom. And their parents will be comforted, too.


      • There are many opportunities to volunteer to aid dogs who are injured or homeless. The ASPCA near you can tell you of volunteer opportunities. New York’s ASPCA has this link which gives some guidance in this process. Most states have an SPCA branch.

  8. Dear Joey,

    Thank you for your understanding. How can my mom start being a volunteer?

    Oh by the way, I think it is very important to have our own park. We should have a place to run free with our friends and don’t worry my mom got a ticket. Can you ask your mom that anything my mom can help?

    Get better soon. Spring is not far and winter is gone soon (I hope). I want to see you run when spring is here.

    Love, Cherri

    • There should be a large veterinarian hospital and medical center near you and they will probably have this information.

      My blog has a hyperlink on the right sidebar for Dog Fun Directory. Click on that link and follow to where you live. If you have no dog parks nearby, contact your local town or police to find out how to begin one. We dogs definitely need a place to run free. We dogs will be happier, our parents will be happier, our neighbors will be happier, and our Animal Control, who have to bring us home when we’ve escaped, will be happier.

      love too!


  9. Great blog about dogs. Thanks.

  10. I had so much fun reading through your stories. Not only because I love dogs but because our family has had the exact same things happen to us. We rescued our dog, installed specially built 7.5 feet gates and our sweet heart would still find her way out. Either by chewing or simply balancing on flower pots etc.
    I received the exact same calls from the school and just like you, Joey – Our dog Sydney sat nicely and waited for each and every child to come and pet her.
    Our entire neighborhood knew our beloved dog and always returned her home. Usually after enjoying her company for an hour or two.
    I am sad to say that Sydney is no longer with us but I know she is running on some big green hills somewhere.
    Thank you for a wonderful blog.

    • Thank you, Line, for reading my stories and for telling me and everybody about Sydney. I had a lot of fun writing about my escape-apades, not so much fun when I was being brought home, and definitely not so much fun when I was injured and recuperating, though, though it was still important to write about that too.

      Yes, Sydney had a true dog’s spirit!!! I do feel, and Sydney must have also, when outside, the brotherhood of dog and man – and child!

      All the best,


  11. Dear Joey,

    I just saw this website and I have heard about you. I also really want a dog,but sadly my mum doesn’t allow.:( wish you would reply!

    • Heidi,

      Well, I’m glad you love dogs. I think a dog would love you back.

      So you want a dog but your mum doesn’t allow you to have one.

      How old are you?

      Do you live in a home or an apartment?

      What are the reasons why you want one? And what are the reasons why your mom doesn’t want one? I think you and your mom can have this conversation and both of you can learn something. Maybe you can tell me what she said and we can talk all about that and talk about her reasons.

      And if you and she don’t agree this year, maybe you can raise the topic again next year, and have the conversation again at that time.

      Your pal,



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