Sep 202009

What a day.

me and Rufus

me and Rufus

I haven’t been this exhausted in a long time.  There must have been 1000 dogs in this place. Every where I looked a dog. Every where I turned a dog. Every where I smelled a dog!  There were more dogs than trees!

First, we were all together just having a grand old time.


Then after a while, everybody started walking.

My dad had already taken me for a walk in the morning, and here was another one! But not just me and my dad; it was me, my dad, my mom and 1000 other dogs!


We walked and walked.

Then we stopped walking.


I was exhausted and my parents brought me to water bowls that were all over the place. Sometimes the other dogs and I were more interested in each other than we were in drinking water, but then my mom and dad would give me a moment to socialize and then would say “Joey, drink” or its variant, “Joey, drink water.”


We rested for a while. I found a spot under the shade and caught my breath.  This other dog wanted to make friends with me but I was very tired.


My mom was pretty happy.


After a while, my parents and I walked back into the car.

My parents were pretty happy though my dad said he was “dogged out”. I don’t know what that means.

My mom feels this was a successful day. It was an opportunity for me to socialize and get together with other dogs. This is a big thing with her now.  She is looking for opportunities for me to use my boundless labrador-retriever energy so that I will not dig my way out of our property again and so that I will not get hit by a car again.  She also raised money for the MSPCA and the animal hospital where I had my surgery, to help other dogs.

Why can’t every day be like this day!  Well, I’m not complaining. I’m happy with each and every day in my life.

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  2 Responses to “1000 dogs (but who’s counting?)”

  1. Excellent!! What fun! Looks like Joey had a blast!!!

    • I had a blast. I was overwhelmed by dogs! Overcome by dogs! I have another post coming soon about that day. Life has gotten very interesting since I was hit by the car! No, I’m not getting any ideas. I would never get one of those.

      I see my mom’s point about socializing me as much as possible. I’m starting to like the way she thinks.

      How’s Luca doing?

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