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Many people are not familiar with blogs. Don't feel badly; I wasn't familiar with blogs either before I was survived my accident.

So I am here to help you!

When you are at the HOME PAGE: You will see the current blog post. You will notice that, if you scroll down, you will see the older blog posts' titles. You will see my Dalmations and Firement post title and so on.

Okay; you would like to add a comment to my current post. The first and top post that you see on my blog.

CLICK on the post title. On this post, the title is "why do children love us dogs?" Click on THOSE WORDS.

NOW you will be on a new page! You will see the same picture but in the browser, do you see it has a different URL (web address)?

Now SCROLL down to the bottom of that post. This is what you should see:

Now it's easy. You enter your name and your email address. If you have a website (like I do), add your URL there. If not, leave it blank. Then add your comment! Then click "Submit Comment". Then you're done!

I will read your comment (or my mom will read your comment to me) and boom! You're done!

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