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Joey lived his entire life "whole" - for us, the two adjectives unaltered and male seem as important as the noun category, dog.

There are arguments everywhere - by medical professionals, by dog behaviorists - against leaving male dogs whole. The arguments go: 'It's better for their health.' 'They are more sociable.' 'They are better behaved.' I'm not convinced. There are also ethical and religious considerations that are important to us.

For many years of Joey's life, most of the medical professionials were pushing us to alter him, to remove his testicles. We refused. Some doctors where Joey as being boarded tried to convince us that Joey had an enlarge prostate and needed emergency surgery, but we asked to see the urine and blood test results. Our regular vet who we LOVE analyzed the test results.

The blood test and the manual examination of Joey's prostate showed, indeed, that we were right all along. Joey's prostate was normal and tehre was NO need for surgery. We are all happy we pursued our path of action. We knew our dog and his medical history. And we are glad we reached out for a second opinion, and to have the opportunity to work together with Joey's long-term doctor.

Our dog lived 14-1/2 health years, WHOLE.

If you haven't read Joey's post on his recent annual physical exam, please do so now, so you can put together the two halves of the story.

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A true story!

With really great pictures of Joey (and other dogs)!



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