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I'm Joe y.I'm a Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

How often have you read a book by a dog? A blog by a dog?  A real dog, I mean.  Not a person pretending he or she is a dog.

Joey's story is true and it's now available to you as a softcover book and Kindle.

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Dogs D on't Look Both Ways
A true story!

With really great pictures of me (and other dogs)!


"Dogs Don’t Look Both Ways will feel quite familiar to anyone who has lived with a dog that has boundless energy and curiosity, and an irrepressible gregarious nature. If dogs were not prone to forcing themselves into our families and our hearts, America’s love affair with the family dog would look very different than it does. I have witnessed our collective human-animal bond grow exponentially in the last fifteen years, and Joey is the embodiment of why that has happened. In reading these pages, it is easy to see why dogs are thought of as man’s best friend."

Dr. Kiko Bracker, DVM, DACVECC Director, Emergency and Critical Care
Angell Animal Medical Center, MSPCA,
 West Roxbury, Boston, MA

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